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Extras: Wolf Flight

Flashback Friday


Heroine: Missy – Omega wolf who is on the run from a bad Alpha. Looking to find someone to help her get rid of her Omega powers.

Hero: Tad – Untriggered wolf trying to find his place in the world. Looking to find someone to share his life with.

Tidbit: One of the fun parts about writing for me is how the story changes from conception to end result. I wrote a couple of different starts to this book before ending up with Missy having to deal with her rotten Alpha. Changing doesn’t mean wasted words, though. It does mean is I get to know the characters a little more before they takeoff on their journey.

The beginning part that I removed – I’ve shared before on my blog, but I think I’ll have to put it together and post it somewhere for you. It’s about how Tad found out about werewolves! (And of course, OF COURSE, TJ was involved…)

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

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