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Extras: High Risk

Flashback Friday

Title: High Risk

Heroine: Rebecca James – a search & rescue star who is dealing with media attention following her latest rescue, but also memory loss from the accident. She hopes training with the Lifeline team will provide a chance to use her skills and regain her memory.

Hero: Marcus Landers – the founder of the Lifeline team who is desperate to get them back in tip-top shape. He’s still dealing with the fallout of losing his hand in a horrific accident years prior, but more importantly he’s keen to get reacquainted with Becki, who he had a brief fling with years ago.

Tidbit: I enjoyed researching locations for High Risk. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in the Banff area, but it was especially fun to go and take pictures of the Banff Springs Hotel where part of the story is set, and to consider exactly which walls the heroine would have climbed on a dare. Getting to share a little bit of grandeur of Banff National Park was wonderful.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

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