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WHeee! It's an ARC-a-thon!! Freeze Line

Okay peeps, hold onto your ebook readers and laptops. Moira Rogers and I have come up with some mischief to make this Thanksgiving week.

We’re thankful for many things- I’m glad I’ve got a couple of cool buds to hang out with on the internetz. We’re VERY thankful for the awesomesauce editor at Samhain we share, Anne Scott, who makes us behave–most of the time–and kicks my little comma hating manuscripts away from the dark side.

And we’re happy and thankful **tossing turkeys in the air** for the fact we can write, enjoy ourselves (even though it’s hard work) and do this full time.

SOOOOOO….this week, we’re going to give away some presents, and show some sneakie peaks. We’ve each got three books releasing in the next few months, and we’ll be giving out an Advanced Reader Copy of them AND letting you see some exclusive excerpts from the stories. And in a fun twist, I’m going to be showing you hers, and she’s showing you mine.

Wait…that doesn’t sound right… ;)

Ready for some fun? Wheeee!!!!

(All contests are open internationally–these are ebook ARCs. You have to follow the entry rules for the individual contests, and please don’t be silly and try to enter the same contest more than once– and have fun. Winners will be posted for all contests on Saturday. Elephants wearing baggy parachute pants prohibited, unless they have notes from their grandmas.)


I’m going to start today right off with a contest. Freeze Line is an apocalyptic paranormal (with witches and werewolves, natch). It’s releasing December 6 from Carina Press, and the extra cool thing about this story is that it’s going to be out as well with one of my books (Tangled Tinsel) and Vivi Andrew’s No Angel- once again proving that Vivi and I ARE different people.


A twenty-first century ice age dulls the magic that emanates from the earth. Shane Sullivan is a lone wolf above the freeze line; He has no desire to join the packs that range closer to the border, where feral instincts can turn a man into a monster. Not until the winter solstice, when he stumbles across a dying witch who needs his help to get back to her people–and her magic–in the south.

Nadia is a powerful woman in her own world, but drained by her escape from captivity in a northern lab. She knows it’s foolhardy to trust a werewolf, but he’s her only chance to survive the vast white wilderness. The farther south they travel, the harder it is for Shane to keep the beast within under control, and as their mutual attraction intensifies, Nadia’s no longer sure she wants him to.


Snippet of a sneaky peek: (**gloats** I got to read the whole thing. <3 it!)

His own fever washed over him in a wave of heat, and he knew he had to lock it down. Now. “Nadia.”

The tip of her tongue dragged over her full lower lip again, and her gaze fixed on his throat. “I think I’m ready to leave.”

She’d have to be, whether she liked it or not. “We’ve got a lot of miles to cover.”

Nadia closed her eyes and slipped from the tailgate with a grace he hadn’t seen in her before. “I’m feeling much better…but not very like myself.”

“Everything’s waking up.”

“Yes, it is.” She stretched, arching up on her toes with her head thrown back, the early morning sun bright on her face in spite of the biting cold. “I know I should conserve my energy. I know I’ll need it to survive before we reach the border. But I’m so full. I want to do something.”

She was beautiful like this, free and primal, almost wild. “Like what?”

Laughter filled the space between them, warm and low, the sound its own caress. “I could show you fireworks.”

It sounded too much like an invitation, especially with the fever simmering in his blood. “Fireworks?”

Nadia brought her hands together in front of her. A whispered word, and the currents around them began to spin in a wide, lazy arc, as if she was drawing the earth into her. A brilliant light kindled above her palms, a flame that twisted into a perfect sphere refracting hundreds of colors.

It hung, suspended above her mittens, and her sudden smile was brilliant. “Sometimes, at home, I throw these into the air for the children. They’re so beautiful when they explode.”

Shane found himself laughing, charmed as much by her smile as by the disarmingly frivolous display of power. “I thought you said you were a warrior.”

Her smile faded. “If I threw this into a person, it would explode then, too. And it wouldn’t be beautiful at all.”

A harsh reminder, one he shouldn’t have needed. Shane poured another cup of coffee and held it out. “We’ve got to get moving.”

Digital Versions
Pre-order: AmazonCarina Press



To enter to win an ARC of Freeze Line, leave a comment and tell me your favorite type of fireworks to enjoy. Then you can pop over to Moira’s Blog and read an exclusive (shhhhh-sekrits!!!) excerpt from Falling, Freestyle.

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ms bookjunkie

My favorite type of fireworks… are ones that are launched from farther away than the neighbor’s yard, are not obstructed by trees, and can be enjoyed when there are no babies or animals in the house to be freaked out by the noise. Oh, and I really like the ones that don’t interrupt my reading. Otherwise, I can take them or leave them.

Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

We’re allowed to have favorite fireworks? Really? I like them all! Wait! I like the ones that explode and then a second later you hear the sound. That’s so cool!

Lady Romance

My favorite type of fireworks are the huge city wide ones. *grin*


My favorite fireworks are those beautiful falling rain ones. They’re usually gold-colored, and they break high up and then loooooooong trails of gold glitter rain down. They’re not as flashy as the brightly colored ones that are short in time but catch your eye, but they last longer and leave that beautiful aftertrail.

Here, I uploaded a pic I took of that kind:comment image


Hmmm fav fireworks… the ones a couple makes or the ones that blast off into the sky!?! ;)
I love the ones that form shapes like stars and hearts!


My favourite fireworks are the big ones for public displays. They are very pretty and the best thing is it is a scheduled event so if living close by with animals you can orgainse. Must say am not a fan of general sale fireworks purely because people can let them off whenever without any thought to the animals that are harmed when they run of in a fright. (sorry a bit of a sensitive topic here)


I love fireworks!!!! I don’t have a fav firework I just have to be picky on what we buy. I like the boom I have to have a loud boom and when it goes in to the sky it is just beautiful. But the boom I love it. My husband hates shopping for fireworks cause that is the one thing I have to have it is all about the boom.

sheri spell

My favorite fire works are the ones you seen at Walt Disney World. They make them into smiley faces and all kind of designs and it goes along with the music so you get a story. Its a story for the eyes.


Catherine wheels and fountains are my favourites (as long as they are seen from a distant so the sound doesn’t scare the dog).

Cathy M

I’ve been lucky enough to see the fireworks shows at both Disneyland and Disney World, and they are fabulous and definitely my favorites for the length of the shows and the amazing designs.


my favorite kind of fireworks are the ones that explode on top of each other ;)


I love the fireworks that fall like rain but sound like crackling of the radio. Its different then the big boom of most.

jennifer mathis

I like the fountain kind that sit on the ground and shoot up a little way . Pretty without the deafing booms

RK Charron

Hi Vivian :)
I loved the smoldering excerpt for Falling, Freestyle.
My monitor DID melt.
My favorite fireworks are the interior ones that come from that first kiss…
All the best,

Sherry S.

My favorite kinds are Aerial repeaters and wheels I just love seeing both of them.


I love the fireworks that look like huge flowers! Truthfully, they are all my favorite!
Robin V

Lisa J

My favorite fireworks are those on July 4 (to be honest it’s because that’s my birthday). I love the ones that explode once and then a second wave comes from the first. Very nice!

AC Hepfer

I like the fireworks that crackle and sizzle! They go up all streaky and then send this sizzle that reminds me of acrackling fire and races goosebumps down my spine. I just love how you know there will be at least one and you never klnow when it will go off. Happy Holidays!


I love the big raining fireworks as well – but I only like the big ones when it is done at celebrations. I am always afraid that something will go wrong with the fireworks that you can buy yourself.

Kelly Thrash

The professional fireworks are always my favorite. I love the ones that have all the sparkles dancing around them and make that static noise :) I like the purple ones the best!

kittykelly28 @

Andrea L.

I love the fireworks that sparkle as they’re falling down. I like to take my niece to watch fireworks because she gets enthralled by them, so the best kind of fireworks are ones that don’t have too many spaces in between bursts with lots of colors that cover a lot of area. :)

Susan R

I love the pretty ones that sparkle and sizzle – the less noise the better! Especiallly love when they are blue or purple!

Book sounds awesome!!

Sarah Ulfers

I’ve been waiting for this one to come out. Great read.

loretta L

My favorite fireworks are any when my family is gathered together to celebrate our Independence day. My husband spent 20 years in the air force and was not always here. Our son and him now set the fireworks off together in our front drive way each year. This year our daughter started to light a few too.


My favorite one are those who are rather unspectacular at first but then burst into this glittery golden rain!
Unfortunatly, there aren´t too many fireworks in Germany as well as you´re only allowed to buy them for New Year´s Eve.

Mary Preston

I’m a Whizz Bang fireworks fiend.


Hi, Viv! Favorite fireworks? Any that I can enjoy with my family where we’re close enough to see the lights and far away enough to not be deafened ;) We’ve never tried lighting any ourselves–eek!

Lindsey Ekland

I still like the sparklers and standing the dark making letters though I suppose using glow sticks is safer.


I love the big fireworks but I also love the small firework shows my family put together at my uncle’s out in the country for the 4th of July. I also love th fountains and writing my name with sparklers.