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Sweet Samhain Romances

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s release day in the publishing world, and I wanted to let you know about three new books available from Samhain. These books are sweet romances–all the plot and tension and final HEA of a romance without the main characters hitting the sheets on the page. Now, I have no objections to explicit details (obviously!) but I’m also a fan of the slow build-up. The glances and the simmering need and the waiting for a good reason until you’re ready to scream…


So I was pleased when I heard Samhain was putting out a trio of sweet stories in their Springtime: Come Rain or Come Shine anthology. I haven’t read the books yet, but I’ve got them on my ereader and I’m looking forward to getting to dive in. And being able to suggest them to my mom when I’m done.

To celebrate these books, and Samhain who is committed to putting out quality books without requiring a steam factor, I’m giving away 3 copies of each book–I’ll give them out on Friday in time for weekend reading.



It’s bad enough losing the wedding rings, let alone your heart…

Josh Hamnett is best man at his mate’s wedding, and he’s determined that nothing’s going to go wrong on the big day. That’s before ex-girlfriend Kate Summerton appears in the church, looking mouthwateringly good in her tight red satin dress. Her maid of honor’s dress.

Ceremony, reception, speeches, the first dance…he’s got to go through them all by the side of the woman who still haunts his dreams. And to top it off, she’s not wearing any underwear.

Their break-up three years ago was explosive, and Kate was sure she’d never forgive how he behaved. But now all the memories are coming back—the good as well as the bad. As their wedding duties keep throwing them into each other’s company, Kate can’t ignore the resurging chemistry between them—or the nagging thought that maybe, this could be the start of a second chance.

Product Warnings: Contains sexual chemistry hot enough to turn sand to glass—best read while wearing oven gloves and dark shades.


Love may overcome dark family secrets…but a grieving ghost could fire the final shot.
Boone Butler can shut out the memories that made him a war hero, but he’s compelled to follow the Sorrowful Angel’s mournful wails back to Harlan County, Kentucky. They can only mean one thing: Delia’s in trouble. Even if it’s been over between them for twelve long years, she can’t stop him from seeing her safe.

Delia Concannon isn’t sure if the cries she’s been hearing in Bogey Holler are echoes of the past, or portents of more heartache in her future. All she can do is keep running her diner and wait for the next in a long string of misfortunes that started when she fell for Boone. Their love began despite their families’ longstanding feud—and ended when Boone’s brother murdered her father.

Now Boone has come knocking on her door.

One look, and Boone remembers why loving her was worth defying his family. He still has nothing to offer a woman like her, but he can’t stand seeing her living in the shadow of rising danger. Delia’s not running, though. Even when the Angel’s cries grow louder…

Product Warnings: Contains a snarky best friend, her cantankerous grandmother, a hard-headed hero with a soft heart, too many pick-up trucks to count, and one mention of fried okra.


Hollywood made him a star. She makes him want to be a better man.
Charlotte Jeeves, “Charlie” to anyone not pulling her over or collecting her taxes, is the only one in town who’s not excited about her new neighbor, TV actor Jeeves Allencaster. It’s not “cute” how they share a name, and so not charming that he steals her muffin before they’ve even met. The last thing she wants is some slick Hollywood type turning her safe, small-town haven into a circus.

If the locals have their way, though, she and Jeeves will be dating by…well, it depends on who you ask—and how much they’ve invested in the betting pool.

Jeeves hates Hollwood. Mostly he just hates the way it’s changed him. Port Grable is the total opposite of LaLa Land—the perfect place to rediscover himself. His plan didn’t include hooking up with the bitter—yet undeniably lush—girl next door. She’s not his type, yet he can’t get her off his mind.

Trouble is, to thaw the ice around her heart, he’ll have to show her the real man behind the Hollywood charade. If he still exists…

Product Warnings: Baked-good larceny is prohibited by law in many states. Please seek competent legal advice before trying this at home.


To enter, leave a comment. Why don’t you tell me what was your first romance you remember? I LOVED the romance between Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables.

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Theresa N.

It was Laura Engals crush and later marriage to “Manly”/Almonzo on Little House On The Prairie. Since then Since then I have had my own ‘romances’ and enjoyed thousands through literacy. One can NEVER be over romanticized!!

Lisa J

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir on TV. He was so manly and the tension was amazing. I miss shows like that.

JoAnna B

I can’t realy remember the first romance I read. I read a bunch of the Sweet Valley High books in high school before I started reading V.C. Andrews. I actually stopped reading for quite a while after college. And started reading the Twilight series because of my daughter, after that I was hooked again but I moved on to adult romance after that. :)

beckerjo at verizon dot net


All three authors are new names for me… enjoyed each eaxcerpt! Thanks for sharing them! The first romance book I remember reading was The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter… love Anne Of Green Gables… have the books and the movies!


I meant blurb… :P


Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I have been reading romance since I was a preteen.


My first was Julie Garwood’s “The Bride.”


My first romance was Scandal Bound by Anita Mills – it was a signet romance with no on page sex…just lots of build up and good laughs. I still have the book, it is yellow and the cover is held together with scotch tape. Still my fave comfort read.

Jen B.

I loved The Love Boat. Fabu theme song and all. But my first romance was (and you should be warned that this is a deep dark secret) is from the anime show Starblazers. American kids got the watered down, tv appropriate version but the relationship was obivious. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

Meagan Chapman

I think that the first adult romance I remember reading was A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. And I cried my eyes out. Silly romance books.