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Ready for a Whirlpool of passion?

Since I just finished one contest, and I need to do some major writing this week on my new ms, I’m hoping you can help spread the word about Whirlpool, coming August 10th.

I’ve got a dolphin t-shirt from Isla Mejere, two sweet dolphin stuffies (can’t stop myself!!), 3 copies of Tidal Wave (for those who haven’t read bk 1) and a copy of Whirlpool to give away.

If you’d like to be entered to win, simply add your name to this post. I’ll be slipping in a couple of other posts with snippets and links to some of the readers of ARC’s so you can see what they think.

But I want to make this simple for everyone this time around. Tell your friends- lets make the party rock. I’m got a couple of bonus gifts for the people who hit my super sekrit comment numbers (and I’m not telling you what they are!!

Simply add your comment, and I’ll announce the winners on August 9- right in time for the release (hopefully) early at MB&M…I love that they do that!

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33 Comments on "Ready for a Whirlpool of passion?"

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jennifer mathis

that so kind of you to do a contest . I’m telling everyone to go pick it up and I have a review set to go up on my blog the 9th . http://www..meandicorner.blogspot.

Sullivan McPig

Oh, those dolphins look really cute and cuddly!


They are so cute!!! Love dolphins! Thanks for another chance to win!!! :D

Cathy M

What great prizes, Vivian. I haven’t had a chance to start this series yet.

Lisa Guertin

I was lucky (blessed) enough to win an arc of Whirlpool. If you read Tidal Wave you will love this book. If not, why haven’t you? ;-)
In order to get Whirlpool you need a well developed and thought out story with hot dolphin shifters, enough humor to offset the more emotional moments, and a truly talented author. I hope the next book in this series isn’t too far away.

Vivian is a very nice lady in addition to being a talented writer and I am so thrilled to have met and visited with her last Saturday.

Heather Brewer

OMG!!! I just finished my ARC of Whirlpool and will post my review on Friday. It is simply awesome and I can’t wait till the next one comes out. I am loving this series.


Congrats on the upcoming release. Thanks for the contest.


Congrats on your new release! It sounds super good and sexy. And thanks too for the contest. Your giveaways are so fun and have great gifts. Ready for the fun…

Kris M.

Congrats on the new release and the coming release!! They both sound great. thank you for the giveaway :)


Congratulations on the new release.

Leaving my name for the hat so that I get a chance to win those cute dolphins to add to my hundreds of other stuffies :D

Nancy Gilliland

I was fortunate to score a review copy of Whirlpool and I loved it. I am convinced that Vivian couldn’t write a bad book if she tried. If you like sweet romance with a super hot edge and two handsome and sexy men ready and willing to do what it takes to satisfy the woman in their lives, this is the book for you. Another winner for Ms. Viv for sure.

Tori [Book Faery]

OOH OOH *waves arms in the air like some crazy woman* I WANTS DA TSHURT!

*shifty eyes* *secretly inserts name 50 more times*


Congratulations on your new release! Those dolphins are cute , I love the cover for Whirlpool.

Beth C.

Congrats on the new release. It’s about time.;) Love the sounds of the prizes. Just don’t enter me for Tidal Wave as I already have that, but any of the other prizes would be welcome if I should be so lucky.
And, damn, wish I could right good reviews. Then maybe I’d have already read Whirlpool like so many others seem to have.

Sherry S.

I love the stuffed dolphins they are so cute. I really like the sound of dolphin shifters I thing it will be a great read.


The dolphins are cute! I haven’t read this series, but it sounds awesome. It also looks awesome *stares at hot guys on cover*. Cover design is great! :)

Drea Becraft

I just love the cover to this one! I added it to my review site ( ) a couple of weeks ago. And it just gets prettier everytime I see it.

You have been on busy woman Miss Viv.

Congrats on the newest release and heres to many sales!!!


Susan R

I haven’t read this series yet, but it looks great!! Congrats on the release!


Congratulations! As you know I’ve been hook on your books since Granite Lake Wolves. That’s how I snatched up Tidal wave and now I grab anything you write. Sincerely Janette/janna4014. Ps. Hoping for more. J


Congratulations on Whirlpool’s release!

ms bookjunkie

Only a few more days… I also love the surprise early releases from MB&M.


I would love to read either of these books. I haven’t read the first book in this series and am loving what I am hearing about it.


Congratulations on the new release.I haven’t had the chance to read this series yet.
And those dolphins are so cute.


Congrats on the new release, and thanks for the contest.
The T-shirt is cool, and the stuffed dolphins are cute.. but.. I want one of your books : )
either one.. I haven’t had a chance to get Tidal Wave so that one would be great, I can’t stand reading out of order so if I win Whirlpool I’ll have to break into the food budget & get Tidal Wave so I’ll have both.. [wishing,wishing]
Thanks again… Good luck everyone.


Congrats on the new release coming up. I enjoy your writing and who doesn’t like dolphins.


This is a great giveaway… I love the dolphins!!!! Adorable!
Thanks for the chance!

Kate R

Just wanted to add my own congratulations to the list above. You rock, girl! Your stories are amazing, and I’m proud to watch you skyrocket to the attention of readers everywhere.


Love those dolphins!
[a Downunder fan]

Lisa J

Wow – another great book coming so soon. Have a great releaseday .

suzy jones

Thanks for posting about the contest on FB. I managed to miss this new book Tidal Waves being released soon. Sorry but working takes up so much time leaves less time for reading. I will go download Whirlpool now… Woohoo new books….

suzy jones

Of course dolphins are cute but the books would be great!

Lindsey Ekland

Have been waiting for this book for months, since shortly after reading book one. Love shifters in the water and out. Only a few more days now.