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One Week of Wolves- Moira Rogers

As release week has drawn closer, I’ve been enjoying the company of another werewolf writer–the dynamic duo that makes up Moira Rogers. We share lots of things, including an obsessive love for our mutual editor at Samhain, Anne Scott. Other little fun things? Bree and I love charts and stats, although she’s much better at making them look pretty than I am. Bree and Donna write kick ass heroines, and their heroes often, but not always, like to blow stuff up–that’s Donna’s speciality. ;)

And as far as I know, I’m the ONLY person they’ve ever written a guest post for, because as Bree says–“I suck at guest blogging. I mean, it’s not the normal level of suck, I’m REALLY bad at it. I tend to be 173% convinced I have nothing to say.” Direct twitter quote.

Here’s Moira:


The other day, I was forced to create a new tag on my blog. It was a question I figured someone had to be asking by now, even if the answer is anything but simple. The tag? Why do they always write about werewolves?

It’s true.  Now granted, there are books by Moira Rogers that don’t include werewolves.  (Err, wait here, I’ll come up with a few…) but the vast majority of the time, that’s where we’re at.  Werewolves, shapeshifting wolves, wolfman beast wolves… any kind will do.

The thing that I love most about loving werewolves, though, is seeing how other people write them.  That’s really my favorite part about all speculative fiction–the fact that the only limits are the imagination.  When writing, I prefer the psychological focus on man fighting his inner monster.  It’s not always about the fangs and fur to me, but what’s living under the skin.

When reading, I love it all.  Some of my favorite werewolves are nothing like the ones I write.  And that’s the way it should be, to me.  Not about who got it right or wrong, but who’s fun to read, and who makes me go, “Wow!  Werewolves are awesome.”


So those are Bree’s fav wolves. In a very fun twist, I’m sitting next to Kelley Armstrong during the signing event at RWA, so I will get to personally meet one of her WHEEE authors. :D (And grab swag for her–hey? What are friends for?)

Today’s contest is for a copy of Moira Rogers’ werewolf book—well, hmm, she’s kind of right. Tough to pick a book that doesn’t have werewolves in it! So let’s just open up her backlist. Any of Moira’s books, in your choice of ebook or print–if the book is print available. Full list is available on her website here. My favs?

To be entered, post a comment and let me know which author you’d love to sit next to for a couple of hours.

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30 Comments on "One Week of Wolves- Moira Rogers"

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Lisa J

Lora Leigh – it would be interesting to see how her mind works. Her books are seriously hot and her breeds rock.

Kris M.

hard to pick, so many great authors out there and i never know what to say besides, “I love your books”. I will probably go with Lauren Dane, she is my newest favorite author.


I would want to sit next to Ilona and Gordon Andrews, but I’m scared I would be a bumbling idiot the whole time!!


The list is long and plentiful. Vivian Arend because her tweets crack me up! Lauren Dane, Shiloh Walker, Moira Rogers, Buffi Becraft, etc. I’d be a bashful fool around any of them, because they’re all like Rock Stars to me!

Caitlin U

I would love to chat away with Nalini Singh or Karen Chance. It would be a fun time.


Keri Arthur or Sherrilyn Kenyon. Love their books.


Oh my… choose one… Knowing me, I probably wouldn’t say anything and be too shy or tongue tied to get an intelligent convo going… but once choice would be Catherine Coulter… her books got me hooked on reading!

Diana (Book of Secrets)

There are so many! I’d probably pick Charlaine Harris because I’m so hooked on her Sookie series and True Blood!

Cathy M

Just got thru reading Sharon Ashwood’s new series and adore the way she combines romance, the paranormal and humor. Think it would be a kick to just listen to her talk.


I too would pick Charlaine Harris. She seems sweet and easy to talk to. So I might be able to sneak Eric info out of her.

Sullivan McPig

Just one?
In that case……..
Neil Gaiman
But others that come close are:
Carolyn Crane, Mercedes Lackey, Gini Koch, Laura Bickle and Midas Dekkers (dutch author)


I don’t think I could pick just one.Keri Arthur,Lauren Dane or Beth Kery.I could go on and on.

Tori [Book Faery]

I don’t think I could choose! I have a list, but I’ll name my top 4 favorite authors (who happen to be the 4 that helped turn me into a paranormal reading addict).

Anne Bishop, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Patricia Briggs.

Drea Becraft

In print or in ebook?

I would have to say my top four are:
Lyndsay Sands
Kresley Cole
Gena Showalter
Larissa Ione (I have actually sat and talked to her so one out of 4 isn’t bad

Happy release week! And I hope you are having tons of fun in Florida!


Ohh my gosh, this is the hardest thing I have had to do…. I mean.. this is like asking to pick a favorite child or something….


Okay here goes….

Lynda Hilburn
Joey W Hill
Amanda McIntyre
Lissa Matthews
Cassidy Hunter
Gina Gordon
CJ Gabriel
Beth Kery
Lauren Dane
Anya Bast

Okay how about the Princesses of the Round Table….. Told you I could not pick one.. and there is more on that list!


I’d really like to sit next to Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh, Keri Arthur, Rachel Vincent, Richelle Mead, Lillith St. Crow…. I think I could go on. This isn’t an easy question it’s like deciding between friends.

Beverly @ The Wormhole

I would have to say – although picking is so hard – Rachel Vincent. I love her books.

jennifer mathis

oh my that a tough one can we rent a buffet hall lol. Theres so many of them I want to sit next to and Viv your on my list lol . And at the next table over can we put the cover models ? Look now I’m planning the brunch lol

Chelsea B.

Kerrelyn Sparks. I would bug her about her Love at Stake series until I wore her down! LOL ;-)

Stephanie G

I would LOVE to spend time with J.R. Ward or Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love their books and I know I could just sit there for hours listening to them talk.

Jeanette Juan

I would love to sit next to Sherrilyn Kenyon and try to pry Dark Hunter secrets from her!

Lindsey Ekland

I follow so many authors and have met quite a few. Love talking with Joey Hill and MelJean Brooks. Would travel to sit next to Kate Douglas and Belinda McBride.

Sherry S.

I have a lot of authors I would love to sit and talk to here’s some of them Jayne Ann Krentz, Linda Howard, Sharon Sala, Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, Christine Warren, J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Shelly Laurenston and Angela Knight. This is just a few of them I could name a lot more.

Lillie H

Oh man,
In the YA division, I would love to be sitting at a table with Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, and Maureen Johnson.
If I was thinking of adult authors, it would have to be Keith Melton, Donna J Herren and Bree (Moira Rogers), Vivian Arend, and Alisha Rai.

Why these people? Because their personalities on Twitter are so engaging, and they have such terrific banter amongst themselves, that I just know I’d have a fantastic time being in their presence, as well as participating in any discussion that would crop up!


That’s a hard choice. I have so many others that I like to read, but I guess if I had to pick one it would be Ilona and Gordon Andrews (since they write together, I think that counts as one). I’m just amazed at how well the Kate Daniels series blends a truly inventive world with fantastic characters and how they find the balance between edge-of-your-seat adventure and laugh-out-loud humor.


Either Moira Rogers, so I could meet Bree in person (and say hi to Donna too!), or Rachel Vincent, because I looooooove her cat shifters.

ms bookjunkie

Going by her Twitter feed, I’d have to pick Victoria Dahl. I’m shy with new people, tongue-tied and can’t think of anything to say, she’s…not. There’s no doubt I’d be entertained… I’d just have to watch my back to make sure she didn’t tape any notes on it. Ballz!

Marlene Breakfield

If it could be any author living or dead, I’d pick Jane Austen. But if it has to be a contemporary author, I’d pick Sherrilyn Kenyon.


I would love to sit by Richelle Mead or Meg Cabot. I love Richelle’s novels so maybe I could get some spoilers :). With Meg Cabot she is so funny.


I could add a lot of authors to such a list but on top every time would be either Anne McCaffrey or Mercedes Lackey.