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My 'book' shelf

I’ve shared before that when I started writing my daughter decided since I wouldn’t allow her to see some of the covers (naughty mommy to write such books…) she would get me a trinket for each, and I could pop them on the shelf that hubby and son made. It’s been a way for the whole family to celebrate with me.

This week, I’m going to show you a few of the trinkets. We’re kind of behind on a few, since I write too fast, and we’re trying to find the ‘perfect ¬†ones’. I love that they can help me celebrate in this way. Of course, hubby needs to build a new, larger shelf now that I’ve filled the first!

So the picture I’ll share today are the trinkets for the Granite Lake Wolves, backwards to the series order–Wolf Signs is the one on the far right, then the two necklaces, and finally for Wolf Tracks out in October? The track! I love it.

Do you have anything special memory trinkets?

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Marian Perera

That’s such a lovely shelf! And how sweet of your daughter to get you something to celebrate each book.

I don’t think I have any special trinkets, though I collect books and handbags. Always need more shelves for those. :)

Maria D.

Nice shelf and very nice way for the family to share in celebrating your releases. Love the trinkets that they have picked out for the Granite Lake Wolves!

Sullivan McPig

What a fun way to celebrate a new book.


Wow, those are beautiful, Viv! I love that your whole family is right there with you! And of course, it helps that they all have excellent taste ;) How could they not?!

Nancy Gilliland
I love that your family celebrates each book in such a special way, Viv! Yes, I do sort of have something to remember certain “high spots” in my life. I got my ears pierced for my Jr-Sr Prom. Got them pierced a second time for the birth of my last child, and a third time the day I found out we were not going to be homeless anymore. After that, I collected earrings that signified things, including my first and only pair of diamond studs when I graduated from college (at 47, with honors). And of course there are my… Read more »
Violet Hilton

This is such a brilliant way to celebrate your writerly accomplishments as a family! Love all the trinkets, they’re so wonderful :)