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Make Some Noise- Day 8

Day eight and my writing world continues to expand.

Through Rhian and Jess I met a wonderful lady who began a year before me in the writing business, and she’s making it tough to catch up. Mari Carr’s first release Erotic Research came out in March of 2008 and since then she’s amassed 23 published stories/freebies.

Yup, she’s prolific, and very talented. While most of her stories have been stand-alones or pairs, Mari’s finally gotten into writing series. Right now she’s got a wonderful one started at Ellora’s Cave called Wild Irish, and the first three books are out with book four coming in the next couple months

Today’s prize is Come Monday, the first ebook in the series.

Wild Irish, Book One

Monday’s child is fair of face…

After the death of her mother years prior, Keira Collins became a surrogate parent to her six younger brothers and sisters, her own dreams put on hold. At twenty-seven, she’s finally pursuing a college degree. Between classes, working at the family pub and still tending to siblings, she’s no time for romance. So why is she spending all her rare free time fantasizing about hot Professor Wallace bending her over his desk?

Will Wallace recognizes Keira’s unfulfilled desires, her habit of hiding her beauty, her obsessive need to command every aspect of her life. But Will has needs of his own—and they run far darker than Keira’s. As he initiates her into his lifestyle, offering sweet punishments and sweeter rewards, Will’s sexual authority slowly strips away some of her precious control. The one thing Keira’s not ready to relinquish…


If you need the rules, they are here. To enter today, tell me your favorite TV series. Have to pick only one!!

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33 Comments on "Make Some Noise- Day 8"

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Tamsyn T.

Hi, I’m first! Wow!
I already have Mari Carr’s “Come Monday” and I love it! Unfortunately, it is the only book I have of her. I’ll have to look up the rest of this series!
As for my favourite TV series, its “Toaru Kagakuno Railgun”, a manga series that just finished recently, about a world with two distinct groups, magic and science! I was really hooked on this and felt sad that it has finished its run.

april strength

NCIS love abby she’s hillarous

Virginia C

I have been intrigued by Mari’s “Wild Irish” series since I first read about it. Each of the stories sounds terrific!


Mari is a new author to me.Sounds like a good book.

Favorite tv show is Supernatural.

Lisa J

Don’t enter me since I have all Mari’s books. I love her stories. They are so well written.

Marlene Breakfield

My favorite series that’s on now is SPARTACUS.

Eva S

This is a new author to me, but this series sounds great! I’ll look for her books!

My favorite TV series is Supernatural.


Just one, how to choose?! I’m going to choose a sleeper, Wonderfalls. It was the first series I got on DVD. It’s so funny and original. My parents and my brother got their own copies after watching mine.


Hmmm… fav TV series, enjoyed many through the years, but right now I will pick SMALLVILLE.


NCIS is my favorite tv series.


NCIS is my fave Abby is great always good for a laugh. The new series sounds good definitely worth putting on the wish list.

Sherry S.

My favorite is Bones I love a good mystery and Bones and Booth have great chemistry together.


Don’t have a particular favorite on the air right now.
But my all time favorite is Star Trek:Voyager, with Stargate coming in a close second.


I enjoy Mari Carr’s Tequila Truth and Erotic Research. Really enjoyed them. I would love to start her Wild Irish series.


Do I have to pic a current one? ‘Cause I loved Moonlight… so cheezy but man was he one hunky Vampire!

Mari Carr

Viv! You are so sweet to blog about my books. I’ve been following your anniversary celebration and all I can say is you know how to throw one helluva party! Congrats on the special occasion and I’m so very glad to be able to call you ‘friend’. Here’s hoping you have many, many more writing years to celebrate.


My current favorite is Chuck :) It makes me laugh, which is an important consideration in TV–I don’t watch much because it really takes away from my reading time!

Jeanette Juan

I love watching Castle. Funny and very intriguing plots.


I have seen this series around the net. Have heard nothing but good about it.

Caitlin U

NCIS and Big Bang Theory. I love the characters that make me laugh.


Love NCIS…I am addicted. I so look forward to Tuesday nights to watch NCIS and NCIS LA. I have gotten my whole family into the series, it is hysterical to have my 13 year old nephew ask if i saw a particular episode.


This is a tough question, but I’ll go with Supernatural. Great storylines and Jensen Ackles…need I say more.


Bummer, I don’t watch TV, rather read but when I did I loved Rosemary & Tyme (a BBC cozy mystery series).


“The Mentalist” is a favorite of mine.

Amy Kathryn

Currently I am loving Castle and Big Bang Theory. I would have to say Star Trek TNG for all time.

Sue A.

I have a number of favorites, but with this being the last year for it I have to say, LOST.

Beverly G aka SiNn

well please dont enter me in this contes t i already have come monday i just wanted to tell my fav of all time tv show andthat is Ghost whisperer

Jo Ann W.

I’ve got a few! But I love Castle. He cracks me up! Love the looks Becket gives him!


My current favorite TV show is Cities of the Underworld on the History Channel.


Do not know if I can still enter but I will try anyway. :) Hope springs eternal
My fav tv series is hard to choose. I love Big Bang Theory, NCIS and Criminal Minds. Three way tie.

Tracey D

I don’t watch too much TV but I did stumble upon one called Beautiful People. It’s about a young man who reminisces about his childhood with his wacky family and best friend.


I don’t watch much TV these days, but about the only show I have ever brought tapes off is MASH, I can watch that cheese over and over.