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Look what I made!

Isn’t this exciting! My first book trailer. What do you think?

If you can’t see it because you’re on a phone or something, check it out at Youtube:

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9 Comments on "Look what I made!"

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Maria D.

Wow- great book video! Loved the music and the video feed was perfect

Vivian Arend

Thanks Maria!

It’s a bit of work to figure out the program, but in the end I think it turned out well.


One, I don’t usually care for book trailers.

Two, there are exceptions.

Three, love it–are you sure this is your first one?

The music matches the images and together they are very evocative of… not sure how to put it into words. Energy, life altering events on the brink of becoming reality…

Vivian Arend

:D I’m not a trailer fan myself, but some people seem to love them. Thought I should give them a little something special to enjoy.

But yes, it’s my first, but remember I have years of background in choreography– I coached Synchro swimming for a long time. That must help with the routine a little.

Glad you enjoyed it. Now, to share it with more people!!


That was great! Enjoyed it… wonderful job! :D

Vivian Arend

Thanks Colleen, :D


I love book trailers.

I thought you did a great job on it, especially since it was your first one…I never would have guessed. One of the things I wish were different….I wish it would have been in color :( I love the colors on the original covers and would have really made it pop and stand out.

Vivian Arend

It was tough to deal with the colour between the slides– probably one of the learning curve issues for me to try on the next one. But I agree–the covers in colour are pretty spectacular, aren’t they?


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