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It was a Dark and Stormy night #3

Thanks for having me, Viv.

When Viv asked me to be her guest and said the theme was storms, I have to admit that it took me a long time to sit down and think what I would write about. There are no storms in my books. Yet. Although I admit, in my upcoming Texas Tangle, there are a lot of emotional storms, especially for two of the characters. But that’s a story for another day.

Then I remembered one storm we had a couple years ago.  There’d been a lot of storms up here that summer—at least two a week. Not the big raging storms that people in Louisiana and the deep south are used to, and none spawned any tornadoes in these parts, though we did lose a few trees.  No, these were just enough that I would turn off my computer, grab a book and park myself in my chair in the family room to wait it out.  I read a lot that summer.  This particular storm hung over the area for a couple of hours. It was quite spectacular with lots of dark clouds and heavy rain, bright flashes of lightning that made me jump in my chair, followed by long rumbling growls of thunder that faded into the distance.

Every time I’d think it was done, I’d start to return to my office only to have another crack of lightning flash nearby.  Two hours later, I finally convinced myself it was past and let myself go back in the office and turn on the computer.  Now my desktop is getting on in years and takes a while to load, even back then.  So often my email notification program loads long before I can open any program.  Sure enough on that day, little snippets of the emails that had arrived while I was watching that storm flashed in the right hand corner of the screen while everything was loaded. I sat straight up in my chair when I saw that I’d received an email from Samhain Publishing’s executive editor.

Any author can tell you of the sudden strange obsession about checking their email that overcomes you when you’re waiting for a response to a submission.  The fear that it’ll be a ‘thanks but no thanks’ rejection, or the excitement that maybe, just maybe, it’ll say ‘I loved it. Here’s a contract.’ But dang it all, the program only showed me single line teasers, and it gave me no hint of whether it was a yay or nay.  I’m pretty sure the air in my office turned several shades of blue while I cursed both the storm and the slowness of my computer while I waited for it to finish booting up.

Long story short (too late, I can hear Viv murmuring as she posts this) seven months later, my first erotic novella, Private Property, was released.  That was followed by Personal Protection which has just been released into print.  Who knew that thunder and lightning could bring such good news instead of the bad news normally associated with them?


Viv: LOL! I have to add the editorial comment. Leah? Verbose? Nevah…and to prove it, you can join her on Twitter or Facebook to see how wery wery qwiet she is. :D (Love ya, Leah!)

The contest continues. Prizes are listed on the upper right of the blog, including Leah’s contribution of a gift certificate for MB&M. To be entered,  add a comment. If you’d like–share about waiting for…???

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21 Comments on "It was a Dark and Stormy night #3"

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Inez Kelley

Leah is not verbose. *I* am verbose. Leah is succinct. Great story, Leah. I think we all remember our first.

Leah Braemel

LOL, I’m quiet on Twitter? Huh. Who know 12K tweets was being quiet? ;) Thanks for having me, Viv!

Andrea Becraft

Leah I have you on twitter and 12 posts is a good day lol normaly there are way more lol.

Thanks for blogging with us last night! I will have to look up the print book! It would look so purdy up on my shelf!

Lisa J

Leah certainly seems concise to me.


LOL!! OK, Leah and Inez, you two are a treat to read, however quiet or not you may be ;) As for waiting, I am NOT a patient person. It’s very hard to be waiting for an answer, such as for a job! Whether it is good or not the answer you wanted, it’s hard NOT knowing! I guess I’m just not great with the unknown!

Leah Braemel

Hey, Andrea — 12K = 12,000+ tweets, LOL. Of course that’s over about 14 months or so, but still. Verbosity, thy name is Leah. And if you’re Drea from the Cafe (you are, aren’t you?) your bookshelf will soon be holding an autographed copy of Personal Protection ;) It was one of the prizes on the Crazy Canuck night.

Lisa – LOL, you haven’t seen some of the emails I send Viv. You’re lucky.

Fedora – Waiting, OMG, same here. And the unknown? That makes it that much worse, doesn’t it?

Andrea Becraft

Yeah I am the one known as ~*Drea*~ I pefer it that way lol. My momma should have named me something unique I hate my bland name lol. Oh I love books! Signed or otherwise yeah! Okay well 12,000 tweets is alot but I always enjoy hearing them. I even have them where they go to my phone ;).

Nancy Gilliland

Leah-nothing wrong with to the point. Why waste words you could use in your books? As for waiting-I am not the most patient person in the world, especially when I am expecting something important (books) in the mail.


I’m surprisingly a very patient person. I’m a chronic worrier though, so that must be where all my pent-up energy goes so that I can be patient.

Love twitter and consider it my duty to post informative and funny tweets to my followers.


I am a very patient person, but like Nancy, I hate waiting for things to come in the mail… I know something is supposed to arrive and when I do not see it… :(

Cathy M

Hi Leah, totally love your series, and can’t wait to get scoop on Texas Tangle.

As for waiting, the most aggravating is arriving early for a doctors appointment and waiting for over an hour to be seen (and leaving that book you were reading sitting at home on your nightstand!)

Natasha A.

That is an awesome story Leah!!

Misty Evans

Great story, Leah! I love storms, especially when I’m writing a ghost story or a particularly tense scene between two characters. I also throw storms into my manuscripts here and there to increase the tension.

Congrats on becoming a Samhain author. I hope you have a long and successful career!


Great story Leah.

I can’t wait for Texas Tangle :)

Amy Kathryn

So not a good waiter…refresh is my favorite button on the computer, hoping that something else has happened since the last time I pushed it!

Sherry S.

I hate waiting for anything I’m a really impatient person.


I’m pretty patient when it comes to waiting for something.

Morning Glow

I have to keep myself busy when I have to wait for something. Usually reading, sometimes writing.. If it’s something super important that might take a long time… I start watching favorite TV shows over and over.. Bones, Stargate, Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls.. anything to keep my mind of the frustration of not knowing!


another good post! i can be patient when it comes to waiting for something i really want


I hate waiting for something to happen. But, as the saying going, “good things come to those who wait.”


I am going to have to check out this book. I get hooked on all these books from their exceprts my TBB list is getting so long.