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Happy Birthday Jess!

I have another bit of information to share, but this is far too exciting to ignore. It’s my Aussie buddy’s birthday, and I NEED to celebrate with her.

She’s been there ever since I was rude enough to go knocking on her email box and ask for her help. Which she graciously gave, because she’s that kind of person. Jess, you mean the world to me, and someday I WILL be knocking on your door.

In honour of Jess’s B-Day, I’m going to give away one of her books. Warning, she writes them HOT. But more than hot, emotion filled and OMG catch you in the heart. I think my favorite is…oops, it’s one that’s not out yet :D Okay, my favorite of the books she’s got out is Photo Op. I love Only Tyler and Steve’s Story, but Photo Op? Daniel <3.

Since it’s already Thursday ( in Australia) and only Wednesday (for me in Canada) I’ll make the contest go until Friday. Just to be difficult :D

Simply leave a comment and which story you’d like to try in ebook of Jess’s. Oh, and then pop over to her blog where she’s holding a contest of her own…and giving away an ARC of her December release. :D

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19 Comments on "Happy Birthday Jess!"

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Jess Dee

I think you just made me cry.

Thank you, Viv.

jennifer mathis

Wow thats so sweet of you and shame you made Jess cry ; ) I have already wished her a happy birthday but I’ll say it again Happy Birthday Jess Dee. If I had to pick one that I don’t already have I would have to say 3s company and I have no idea how I missed that one

Nancy Gilliland

The only one I don’t have of Jess’ books is Visiting Paradise- everything else is on both readers and my phone (but then so is all of Viv’s) I’m happy to celebrate with y’all

Beth C.

I’d have to say Photo Opportunity for me. Have the other book in this series and getting this one would be good.
Nice way to celebrate a friends b’day.

Kelly Thrash

I think I would like a question of trust. I love her hot books!! ;)


Drea Becraft

Hell I think I am blubbering along Jess lol. You are so sweet, that is one thing I love about the ebook community everyone is willing and very grasiously helps everyone. I couldn’t have picked a better group of people if I had just stumbled upon them….Oh wait I did lol.

Happy Birthday Jess!

Rhonda Wolf

Viv, you are so sweet! Happy Birthday Jess! The only book that I have not read yet is Visiting Paradise – not sure how I missed that one. There’s no way I could pick a favorite, I love them all. I will say that Going All In is an extremely HOT book.


Sherry S.

Happy Birthday Jess. I’ve only read a couple of her books and all of the rest sound really good but I would love to read Three’s Company.


Happy Birthday!!!! I would love to read Photo Op. I love her books and the covers are always so good.

Heather P.

Visiting Paradise is one I would like to read. The cover just pulls me in. :)


Happy Birthday, Jess!!! I hope you have many, many, many more.

Don’t enter me in the contest since I have all but one of these, and will probably be getting that as soon as I track down the publisher.

Jess, your books always leave me smiling, and waiting eagerly for the next one. I have a different favorite than Viv. Mine is “A Question of Trust” and it’s a good thing it’s an ebook or the pages would be worn out.

Have a great day,


Viv, you’re a sweetheart! And happy birthday, Jess! Visiting Paradise sounds like a little slice of heaven :)


Happy Happy B-day Jess!!! They all sound Hot…. I am drawn towards Visiting Paradise… :D


Happy Birthday Jess, hope your day is full of everything you wished for.
Personally I am wishing to win a chance at your book Going All In :D

L. Johnson

Happy Birthday Jess. Celebrate in style. If my name is chosen I would love to read Going All In. A good friend has suggested that one is HOT.

Jamie D.

I just won one of your contests, so don’t enter me.

I just wanted to wish Jess a happy birthday – I bought “Ask Adam” to celebrate. :-) Hope you have a wonderful day!

And you too, Viv – thanks for introducing me to her books…


Happy Birthday Jess!!!!
Three’s Company sounds good.


Happy Birthday Jess! I’ve never read any of Jess’s books but Photo Opportunity sounds good and Vivian recommended it!