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Happy Anniversary to ME!

Photo on 12-11-30 at 1.33 PM #3It’s been 5 years since my first book hit the virtual shelves! It’s been amazing. AMAZING. No other word for it.

I now have 20 books in print, 5 audio books, and…

Wolf SignsWolf Signs, Wolf Flight, Wolf Games, Wolf Tracks, Wolf Line, Wolf Nip, Tidal Wave, Whirlpool, Stormchild, Stormy Seduction, Silent Storm, Tangled Tinsel, The Wind and the Sun, Claiming Derryn, Black Gold, Silver Mine, Diamond Dust, Rocky Mountain Heat, Rocky Mountain Haven, Rocky Mountain Desire, Rocky Mountain Angel, Rocky Mountain Rebel, Rocky Mountain Freedom, Rocky Ride, Baby Be Mine, Falling Freestyle, Rising Freestyle, Paradise Found, High Risk, High Passion, High Seduction, Turn It On, Turn It Up…

*takes deep breath*

The future is looking very shiny as well. I count nine more releases (hopefully!) this coming year, and plans for 2015 and 2016! are already in the works.

You’re stuck with me. I’m never giving it up! ;)

Thank you for supporting my work, and for sharing your love of books with other people. Readers make this happen, so <3.

And special special thanks goes to Anne Scott, who has been the most amazing editor. Since day one she’s nurtured me forward in just the right way to allow me to grow confident in my own voice/style. She’s been my editor for 26 of the books listed above, and I’m looking forward to many more years of working with her.

Hurrah for happily-ever-afters. You keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them. A match made in heaven!

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5 Comments on "Happy Anniversary to ME!"

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Colleen C.

Happy Happy 5th Anniversary Vivian! :D


Happy Anniversary!!!!

Lisa B

Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

Lisa B

Nancy G

Happy Anniversary Ms. Viv, and congrats on the RITA nomination too. Miss our lovely email chats too.

nancy henderson

Congratulations! Your books are amazing! Keep writing!