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Global Warming Blog Tour

To celebrate the first anniversary of International Heat, the group of writers/artists/reviewers I hang out with, we’ve set up a Global Warming blog tour and invited some friends to join the party. Plus we’ve got prizes!

Visit each of the blogs listed at the end of this post and enjoy a special red-hot excerpt, cover or review (warning- adult sites and adult content. ’nuff said.)  Leave a comment at each blog you visit and your name will be thrown in the hat for a chance to win one of four prizes- the list is available at International Heat blog. Winners will be announced at IH on March 18. It’s that simple. (And if you’re looking for another contest, I’ll be starting my personal anniversary celebration right here March 18 running until the end of the month.)



Here’s my excerpt from Turn It On, a red-hot contemporary released in January From Samhain.


Setting both the wall ovens to heat, Maxine turned to manhandle the massive birds to the island to finish stuffing them only to find Ryan had everything including the premade ingredients lined up in rows waiting for her.

“Wow, you’re efficient,” she complimented him.

He wiggled his brows at her. “You said something about going back to bed when we’re done, so I’m willing to make the chores go by as rapidly as possible.”

She shook her head. “You’re bad.” Picking up the bowl with stuffing she made a face before grabbing a handful and sticking it into the first bird. Ryan stepped behind her. His hands caressed the sides of her torso, skimmed her breasts then slipped around to loosen the knot of her robe. “Stop it, you’re not helping get the job done any quicker.”

She wiggled but his grasp remained firm. “You go ahead and do your job and I’ll do mine. I won’t get in your way,” he promised. He licked her earlobe and she smiled in spite of it all. She had her hands full of savory bread and raisins, and her belly was tight with waking desire. Ryan stroked her breasts before sliding his hands down her belly to bury his fingers in her crotch and lightly massage her slit.

“You’re a bad boy, and if you keep this up you’re getting nothing but a lump of coal for Christmas. Oh my God, what are you doing?”

He had slipped his hand around to her butt, his fingers slick with moisture as he prodded the rosette of her anus. “It’s Thanksgiving. It’s time for stuffing, right? I have a little present for you.”

She had no way to stop him, no way to protest unless she took her sticky, stuffing-covered hands out of the turkey to defend herself. “You’re not really going to… Ryan, I know I told you the other day I was willing for you to teach me about anal sex, but not now. Oh God!”

He suckled on her neck as he slipped his finger in. Her heart pounded. It felt far better than she wished, because she really wanted a reason to get angry.

“We’re not going to have sex,” he said reasonably. “You’re just going to wear a plug for a little while to start getting you ready.”


“You’re not doing your job, sweetheart,” Ryan pointed out. “Stuffing, right?”

“Bastard.” She finished the first bird and shuffled to the second, his one arm holding her tight to his torso, the other doing wicked, wicked things to her body. She slammed a fistful of stuffing into the avian and cried out with pleasure as he brought both hands into play, one in front, one back. “I’m going to kill you when this is over, you know that, don’t you?”

He laughed and rubbed her clit, rolling it gently between his fingers. Her legs started to shake. Something cold and hard poked at her butt, and she sucked in a quick breath.

“It’s okay, Maxine, keep breathing. Feel and enjoy.” He increased his fingers’ tempo against her clit, and warmth pooled in her belly. The stretching sensation in her anus dropped to a pleasurable…presence. And then the distraction of her breaking climax made everything else fade away.

He held her as she came, the waves of release slow and drawn out, his continued touch lightening as her body grew more sensitive. Then he kissed her cheek and walked to the sink, washing his hands thoroughly before coming to lift the heavy roasting pans into the ovens.

Maxine walked gingerly until she grew used to the plug. It didn’t hurt, but she was wet and excited, and he was driving her crazy. Only Ryan would think of such a trick.

“You still plotting to kill me?” he asked, handing her a coffee mug across the island. He tried to look apologetic, but there was too much delight in his eyes for the innocent expression to work.

She shook her head. “It’s a good thing you’re cute. A bastard, but cute.”

Ryan frowned at her. “Cute? What kind of compliment is that? I’m old, ugly as sin, bossy, and all kinds of other grievous sins, including devious.” He patted her lightly on the butt and she sucked in air as the plug shifted.

“I’m not wearing this all day,” Maxine warned. She couldn’t imagine what disasters would happen if the sexual fever building inside distracted her while her family descended on the house.

“Of course not. Only for the morning.” He nibbled her lips, rubbing small circles on her lower back. “Can we go back to bed? I have a few things I want to try while you’re wearing that thing.”

Her mouth went dry. She gulped a mouthful of her drink in defense as his expression turned wicked. “I need my coffee.”

“I need you.” He pointed at her mug. “Drink up. You’ll want to be awake for this.”


Turn It On available from Samhain Publishing


Make sure you leave a comment here to be entered for the prizes, and then head out to another of the blog tour. Hope you’re enjoying your red-hot excursion.
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Jennifer Graham

Thanks for the except. It sounds great! It got added to my list of goodies to buy!!!

Heather Pond

I can’t wat togeta hold of this story!!!!

Lisa J

This is one of my favorites of your books. I really enjoyed it and hope there will be more like it.

Cherry Mischievous

just dropping by, having a nosey, from the Global Warming blog tour…

Rhonda Wolf

Viv, great excerpt! Have a wonderful week!


I have just one word for you…. TJ!!! (what, say it fast enough and it is one

Theresa A

What a great way to find new authors to read.

Anna Shah Hoque

Hey Viv,
Thanks for the great excerpt…I can hear my wallet screaming in the background as I stock up on more reading material.

Maria D.

Thanks for the excerpt…great book…can’t wait to see what you do next

Andrea Becraft

Oh hot and steamy my favorite kind of book! Thanks for the excerpt and good luck with the tour!


Must. Have. This. Please!


I say wahoo for the Global Warming tour; thanks. Some extreme heat in that kitchen, lol.

Cathy M

Well you definitely did your part in warming us all up, Viv. thanks for the chance at winning this story

Nancy Gilliland

I only have two things to say to you, Viv-TIO Rocks, and I loved your wolfies too. (I’m for team TJ)

Joy L Remson-Johnson

Wow..Hot..yep I am certaintly warmed up after reading that.

Doreen R

Holy Moly. I am having so much fun. Thanks.
I’m off agian.


hahahaha this is hilarious! I’m so looking forward to reading this!


OMG I have to stuff a chicken tomorrow……now I am going to have a great excerpt to keep me warm!


This is such good stuff! Love it!


I’m loving this tour and all the books.

Fran Lee

Dropping by to say hi. Enjoyed the great excerpt.


wow…that was hot

jennifer mathis

ugh just take my comment … please In case this goes through HOT EXCERPT

jennifer mathis

whoo who it worked lol:)


Hot excerpt! Thanks for sharing!


I loved Turn It On. I am looking forward to Wolf Games. That should be fun. Enjoy your holiday.

Lindsey Ekland

Have this book on my TBR pile and it needs to move up.


I love/hate it when my hubby fondles me while my hands are full in the kitchen! Mischievous to say the least.


Ooh, sounds good, Viv! Hope you enjoyed your time away!!

Natasha A.

Thanks for the excellent excerpt Viv! LOVE this book!!



Funny and hot! Turn It On sounds like a great read!

Tracey D

Great excerpt; I’m ready for more!


I can’t wait to read this story.Thank you for sharing it with us.I hope to read many more from you– good luck and keep them coming.

Jean P

what a great excerpt, can’t wait to read the book


Great excerpt that definitely warms things up around here!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Sue A.

Scorching hot! With a touch of humor!


Love that excerpt.

April S

WOW HOT!!! thanks

T (ebookaddict)

Thank you everyone for participating in the blog tour it is now over the names have been gathered and the winners will be announced later today. T