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Fantasy & Fairy tales Day 5

In that realm of fairy tales coming true- today’s guest is a new author on the block. Her first release is coming the end of May from Ellora’s Cave. Here’s a teaser.

An angel on the edge of a Fall, a woman who should be dead, and the demon determined to see them both in Hell…Risking Eternity by Voirey Linger – available May 26th from Ellora’s Cave.

Please welcome Voirey Linger.

When Vivian suggested talking about my favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast immediately came to mind. I admit to being one of those gals who finds the brutish Beast to be infinitely appealing. I mean, what’s not to like about a big, gruff alpha and a little bit of captivity? Sure, he’s a tad rough around the edges, but there’s something to be said for just the right amount of abrasion. There’s more than just the Beast’s raging case of alpha-holeness and Beauty’s fall into Stockholm syndrome that draws me in to this tale, though.

I love the Beast’s vulnerability.

Okay. I admit, it’s not easy to see. The Beast is usually considered a prime example of the man in charge, with all compassion and humanity stripped away until that one special someone learns to love him just the way he is.

When you think about it, though, Beauty and the Beast is one of the few fairly tales with no villain thrown in. it doesn’t need it because the Beast is his own worst enemy. He might have been bespelled into a monstrous body, but it wasn’t a random act of witchery or fairy mischief. He earned it.

This kind of self-destructive hero fascinates me. I love reading and writing about a man who is slowly destroying his own life, spiraling out of control. His every weakness is there, on display, and the more he tries to hide, the more we see. At some point, he’s bound to break, to reach the point where he’s beyond salvation, unless something or someone gets his attention. Then something miraculous happens.

We see his strength.

That moment, when the man pulls himself back from the brink, is what defines this damaged hero to me. Once on that edge, the easiest thing in the world is to give up, to let go and take that fall into complete loss. But heroes don’t give up. That’s what makes them heroes.

Others can look at the Beast and see the gruff monster, the alpha-male extreme, but I’ve looked a bit deeper. I’ll always see him as a man of vulnerability and strength.


Voirey Linger’s Risking Eternity is up at the Coming Soon pages at EC.


What about you? Do you love the beast? Love a hero with a wild side? Leave a comment to be entered in this week’s draw, and then come back tomorrow to see if you’re one of the winners. This ends of the week of celebrating Peerless being available for a light romp. Next week, Stormchild releases from Samhain, and I’ve got a whole next contest with WOW…a new prize. :D

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16 Comments on "Fantasy & Fairy tales Day 5"

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Sherry S.

Yes I love the beast he may not be the best looking but usually he has a heart of gold sometimes he has a hard time showing people what he’s really like. All most people notice is what’s on the outside and they don’t want to look for the wonderful person on the inside. I love a hero that’s got a wild side I think that’s so sexy. I love a good hot alpha man.

Jeannie Lin

I do love Beauty and the Beast for its complicated power relationships. When the Beast lets Beauty go on a promise to return…he’s completely surrendering himself to her. Gotta love it. *sigh*

Kaily Hart

I love an unconventional hero and rough around the edges is what I love to write. My husband took me to the theatre to see this when it was on in LA years ago. Seeing a story like that told through that medium was very powerful. I just hope when he changes his physical form at the end he doesn’t lose all that alphaness :).


Well said Voirey!
Speaking as a self sabotaging Male with a 5’o’clock shadow at noon…I’ve always identified with Beast as a fellow big dumb ogre type. 0.o
A woman that’s able to look past our rediculous exterior and love us for who we are is a Rare and Beautiful thing. She inspires us to fix ourselves, to be good enough, to be WORTH that devotion.

Carly Carson

Well said, Voirey, though I can’t say I personally ever had a yen for the beast. But it’s a great show. I always thought the music made it. But you’ve given me a whole new way to look at it!

Morning Glow

I love the bad boy with a soft side. Or the man that looks tough and nothing but bad news… but he turns out to have a sense of humor, to care for people. Aww, I wants one.


I like how you put that, Voirey! I’ve always had a soft spot for the beast because of that vulnerable side that he tries to hide from the world. I guess I like that type of hero–outwardly very capable and strong and self-contained, yet with a gentleness that not everyone gets to see.

Congrats on your debut with EC!


I love finding new names to read!!! Congrats Voirey Linger on your upcoming release! As for the beast, yes I am a fan! :D

Lindsey Ekland

Love Beauty and the Beast. Agree he is a nice mix of alpha male and vunerability.


congratulations on your release, Voirey. Ive always been a big Beauty and the Beast fan, too. Although I’m with Kaily on this one. I wish Beast would have carried his alpha-beastness through his transformation. :(

Cathy M

Congrats on your release. I adore a hero with a wild side, they are unpredictable and sexy, and give us so many layers to peel away to understand a man’s true heart.

Heather P.

I love a hero that is a beast with a sensitive side. It makes it just that much more better. :)

Natasha A.

I definitely like the darker heroes, and Beast definitely was a bit dark!

Nancy Gilliland

Beauty and the Beast has a mystique that many tales lack. Most are about evil characters, but the Beast was cursed, not evil. I love the angst in the story, and I even loved the TV series too.

Voirey Linger


Thank you again for having me. I appreciate the opportunity.

I agree with the whole “keeping the alpha” thing several commentors mentioned. But then, one of the joys of being a writer is I can have my ‘Beastly Boys’ end up as gruff as I want them to be…