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Fantasy & Fairy tales- Day 3

Guest today is Valerie Tibbs, of Tibbs Design. She’s the fabulous artist who will be making one of the prizes to be awarded this coming Saturday. She’s also…sniff…off to RT…sniff…without me!! (Love you, Val!)

Anyway, this post is not from her, but about her. As a cover artist, Valerie has the daunting task of being the front line of presentation for most author’s work. I know for myself, especially for authors I don’t know, the cover is so important when it comes to catching my eye and bringing me in to want to read the blurb, the excerpt, and eventually, purchasing the book.

So in keeping with the theme, I’m going to post a few of the covers Valerie has designed that fit the ‘Fantasy’ heading in some way. The Fairy tales? Can I just say that being published is a fairy tale come true? What thoughts do these covers bring to your mind? What do you suspect the story will be about, what kind of mood/tone? Which one catches your eye the most?

Remember to add a comment to be entered to win one of the prizes mentioned on day 1.

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18 Comments on "Fantasy & Fairy tales- Day 3"

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Natasha A.

OH!!! Magic Margin is so cool!! These are awesome V!!

Andrea Becraft

I love vals work! I love the newest one she just put out yummy!


Wonderful covers… the 2nd one stands out most for me! :D

Morning Glow

Wow, those are some amazing covers. I don’t think I could pick a favorite, they’re all so good. I know if I saw those, I’d definitely have to look into getting the book!

Cathy M

Magic Margin and Twilight Garden make me think of the wonders of childhood.

Sherry S.

I like all of the covers the first one makes me think of fairies the second makes me think of something scary like a rogue wolf story. The third one I’m not to sure about maybe daydreaming or just daydreams. The second one is my favorite.

Linda Sutton

I have to say looking at these covers I would want to read the second one. The other two are good but to calm.


Wow, that Lycanthrope is SO eyecatching! The combination of color and the image are pretty stunning! I like the others, too, but they seem dreamier, less punchy. I imagine they fit the stories, as Val’s quite the artist!

stacey smith

I love the covers.And yes Cover art is inporten to draw a person into a book.of a author that they do not know.if you know them and know there good not as inporten then.and a good name helps two.

alana boyd

amazing covers!


i really like lycanthrope. which has gotta be a shapeshifter story…although Magic Margin catches the eye too! witches are involved aren’t they?

Tracie Travis

The artwork is breathtakingly beautiful. They have a depth which makes them come alive.

Marlene Breakfield

Lycanthrope screams tortured hero.

Nancy Gilliland

Val’s work is always top of the line. Each of these covers has magic: some gentle, some savage, but magic nonetheless.

Lindsey Ekland

Great covers all. I agree the cover has to catch my eye if I do not know the author. I have probably missed out on some interesting stories becasue the cover was too dull.

Heather P.

Cover are always important. In fact The Twilight Garden looks to be going on my TBB list. :)

Valerie Tibbs

I know the contest is over, but wow, what amazing comments. Thank you all for your kind words.