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Fantasy & Fairytales- Day 2

Today’s guest is Dee Carney. She’s a fellow author over at Liquid Silver Books where Peerless is published.

Dee writes:

I can tell you the exact moment I became fascinated with fantasy. The exact moment. Remember the old late sixties classic Barbarella ? Now don’t start giggling. Well, if you’ve started, stop. I’ll wait.

Ok. As I was saying, Barbarella…stop snickering! No, I don’t have a thing for bad Jane Fonda acting or funky quasi-futuristic costumes. What made me stop and go whoa at my young age, was this guy. Remember him?

That’s Pygar, the blind angel. How sexy is that? A winged man. And one who needs—needs­­—a good woman at his side. (You know, in retrospect, I don’t think I could have written anything but erotic. Even as a youngster, I was a little too fast for my own good. lol) Seeing him for the first time sealed the deal for me on fantasy men.

I adore a hero who exists just outside of our modern sensibilities. Bring ‘em on, as damaged as you can make them—preferably emotionally damaged. (Back to that needing a good woman at his side thing.) I cut my teeth on reading Dragonlance books, then for some reason I can’t recall, moved on to Koontz and King before finally landing on Lori Foster and Alyson Kent. You might say to yourself that those are totally different sets of genres there, but not really…

Dragonlance where heroes wield swords and battle otherworldly creatures. Not a lot of steamy romance going on, true, but there’s always some romance in there. The masters of horror while managing to scare the pants off of us always managed to bring supernatural forces into their plots and characters…oh wait. That’s kind of the definition of fantasy, huh? As for Foster and Kent, they write about fantasy men. Need I say more?

The heroes of my stories have some element about them that exists just outside of our modern sensibilities. Right back to my love of Pygar days. In my upcoming release from Loose Id, Interdependence, twin brothers Jonah and Elijah Ballard battle the forces of an internal darkness consuming them with every day that passes. In my recent release from Liquid Silver Books, Deeper than the Ocean, my virgin merman is on a quest to avenge his mother’s murder. My current work-in-progress is the love story of Poseidon, god of the sea, and Medusa, damned Gorgon.

Can you see a little Dragonlance, King and Foster in those themes? I can.

You tell me when you first got hooked on fantasy. I’d love to hear from you.

All the best,



Best selling and award winning author, Dee Carney writes erotic romances in the paranormal, urban fantasy and contemporary/interracial genres. If you’re looking for something a little spicier, don’t forget Morgan Sierra, Dee’s alter ego. Visit both personas on the web at


Remember that comments from today count toward the prizes awarded on Saturday.

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16 Comments on "Fantasy & Fairytales- Day 2"

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Sherry S.

When I was a kid I fell in love with C.S. Lewis Narnian books. I loved The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when I was younger. Before I read them I saw the movies on the local PBS channel thirty minutes every week. I preferred them over the modern version.

Heather P.

I am with Sherry. It was C.S Lewis’ Narnian books that were the first fantasy I ever read.

Morning Glow

Hmm, what got me hooked on fantasy… I’ve always been a fantasy junky. I’m with the rest of the bunch – CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. While browsing movies from the library, I happened upon the BBC version of “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe”.. after watching all of those, I went back and read the books. Now The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Fallen (Thomas Sniegoski) are all my must re-reads yearly. Though after reading the Percy Jackson series, that might be added to the list…


As a kid, I hated reading… always told to do it for reports… then one day my mother took me to a store and at the clearance rack were three books with dragons on them… she knew I loved unicorns and pegasus and told me to try them… each one was a choose your path book… you decided which direction the story went… from then on I was hooked on fantasy… I was around 10 or 11…

Cathy M

I was hooked after reading The Hobbit, and then I enhaled the whole series.

Natasha A.

Laurell K. Hamilton – I was 15.
Before that I had been reading my mom’s romances and Nancy Drew…and yea.
Changed my thoughts, brought out my imagination!

Dee Carney

Wow. So I’m the only dirty bird lusting after men on screen? lol. Oh well. Keep the comments coming. I’m enjoying your responses!

Lisa Freeman

I’ve been reading romance since a young teen along with the Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, and Judy Blume. It’s only recently when I read some of Kaitlyn O’Connor’s cyborg books that I became a fan of fantasy. There are so many great books out there and not enough time to read them!

Andrea Becraft

I love that anything is possible in fantasy! You wanna conjure up a dinner bing with a flick of a wrist. You want immortals with beautiful lauguages and even better looks you got them.

I read just about anything but fanatasy and paranormal are my favorite.


Not sure what book led me down the fantasy path (read the LOTR tril as a kid, but found it a bit of a slog and didn’t read any more for years). I’ve definitely increased my fantasy reading in the last year, uear and a half with urban fantasy.


Can’t remember what got me started–like others I read the Narnia series and later Piers Anthony’s Xanth and Eddings’ Belgariad… Now I love that there’s fantasy ROMANCE. Life’s good!

stacey smith

I Read every one of the one you guys are all talking about but do not know what one was the first one that i read i love fantasy and sifi.and now my fave is Paranormal Romance.

Marlene Breakfield

My mother read me fairytales when I was young, so I started very early.

Nancy Gilliland

Fairy tales when I was too young to read, then moved on to anything fantastic and amazing. I love to suspend belief fo ra little while, doesn’t everybody? And even King and Koontz have romance in with the weirdness.

Lindsey Ekland

I read a lot when I was a child and ghost stories and time travel stories were frequent choices. I loved Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park which had both and a hint of romance. Also The Changeover by Margaret Mahy was a routine reread about a girl who has to save her brother. I think I will stop here or fill the page with all my favorites.