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12 Days of Giving- Winners

It’s time! First though, thank you so much to everyone who stopped in and help me celebrate the holidays in the right way–with my friends!

Here is the list of people who won gifts. Other than the first three charity donations, which I’ve got under control, if you’re on the list, I need you to use the contact button at the top of the page to let me know which prize you won and if there’s specific details I need, such as which book you want, and in what format, or your mailing address if it’s a print book, please include that as well. Yes, I know I just wrote down here what you won, but remember, I’m on the road right now, and having the information in one place means I’ll get your gifts out to you a lot faster.

AND as always, if by some chance I don’t send your item in a timely fashion, please contact me–I’d hate to miss handing out a prize but it does happen if I get messed up between computers etc. I occasionally do goof up ;)

Main gifts- 3x$100 to Charity of choice. I’ll be sending this out this coming week.

-Dawn’s suggestion of The Ronald MacDonald House

-Sue Paxford Laing’s choice of Soldiers Angels

-Kelly Thrash’s Arkansas Children’s Hospital

And thank you again for all your wonderful suggestions. With no home base right now, I’m honored to support these causes in your name.

Day #2   $10 giftcard Starbucks: Sherry S

Day #3   Ebook of your choice from  My Bookstore and More.: Terri Doughty

Day #5    Signed cover flats Granite Lake Wolves: Jen B.

Day #6    YA book: When the Stars go Blue: Dawn

Day #7    Kids shirt: Fedora (buy those lottery tickets yet, dear?)

Day #8    Turn It Up eARCS (PDF only) Lisa J. And Kelly Thrash
Stormy Seduction eARCS  (PDF only) Jennifer Mathis and Susan R

Day #9    $10 Amazon gift card: Christine Glover

Day #10
Moira Rogers book- Leagh C.
Lauren Dane book- Minn Chica
Jess Dee book- Colleen
Ann Aguirre book- Sullivan McPig (go Sully!)(that’s from Wolfie)
Leah Braemel book- elaing8


That’s it for now. I’ll be back later this week with a year end summary and some neat things to look forward to in 2011.

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10 Comments on "12 Days of Giving- Winners"

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Vivian thank you so much for choosing me as one of your winners! :D I will send an e-mail shortly… Congrats to all of the other winners, especially The Ronald MacDonald House, Soldiers Angels, & Arkansas Children’s Hospital! Hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday!

Karin T

Congratulations to all the winners! The 12 days of Giving were fantastic!

Sullivan McPig

Thanks Vivian and Wolfie!
I hope you had a good Christmas

Kelly Thrash

I’m so excited! :) This was such a great contest! :) I try to help out Children’s as much as I can so this makes my heart so very happy. :) The other charities were wonderful too. What a wonderful gift. Thank you so much!!!!


Jen B.

Eeee! I am so excited! Love the Granite Lake Wolves! Now, to decide what to do with the signed flats! I am redoing my craft room, so I may need to leave wall space. Thanks!

Jen B.

Kelly Thrash

Hey Jenn I have som esigned cover flats and I was trying to figure out how to display them so the front or back could be seen since some are signed on the back. I came up with buying a floating frame from my local craft store. The frame is georgeous with a lovely wood frame that will match my furntiure perfectly. That way I can hang it and still be able to flip it over to see the sigs. :)



Thank you so much for the win and I’m very excited bout the charity The Ronald McDonald house has a special place in my family and the others are wonderful as well. This was a wonderful contest and I’m glad to have been apat of it :)


Thank you so much.
Congrats to the other winners

Sue Paxford Laing

Oh thank you so much! – Soldiers’ Angels is a wonderful cause.

Congratulations to the other winners :)



Woohoo, everyone! Thanks again for a memorable 12 days of consideration, Viv!