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12 Days of Giving-add your name here

In the spirit of the holidays, I want to give something back. To you, my readers, but also to others.

Here’s the deal. Every day for the next 12 days, I’m going to challenge you to ‘give’. Not necessarily financially, because, yeah, I know that’s tough at times. But we really are fortunate to enjoy many things. As I end off 2010 and head toward the New Year, I want to finish strong.

So yes, I have a few gifts for you, but I also have 3 big gifts. $100 donated in your name to the charity organization of your choice. See, I give away lots of books through the year, and I will give some now as well, but I think being able to let you give to someone else is going to make us both the happiest.

In order to qualify to be selected you don’t have to meet the challenge for the day– those are strictly for fun and encouragement. I hope you do join in and share some love. But to be entered, simply add your name to this comment list along with the name of the organization you would like the money to go to if you are one of the three randomly selected.

This is an international giving opportunity- I don’t care where you live. I hope that you will join me in this celebration of giving.

And come back tomorrow for the first challenge.

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30 Comments on "12 Days of Giving-add your name here"

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Sue "Mari" Paxford Laing

Sue “Mari” Paxford Laing – Soldiers’ Angels (

jennifer mathis

Jennifer Mathis – St. Judes

Nancy Gilliland

Nancy Gilliland-the Salvation Army

Lisa J

Lisa Jolicoeur – the American Legion

Kelly Thrash

How awesome!!! I love this idea!! There are so many great places to donate money but the one closest to my heart is Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Thankfully I have never needed them for my child but I have many friends whose children are only alive today becuase of ACH. They truly are miracle workers. I’d love to donate the money to them.
One more reason for me to love you even more than I ready do!!! :)

kittykelly28 @


Colleen Conklin – The Arizona Humane Society


I’ll let you choose which of my three favourite charities you want to donate in my name to.
There’s Tenovus ( ,
Cancer Research UK ( and
British Heart Foundation ( all of which get regular offerings from me and mine :D

Mary Jo

You choose :) ….Wellington Free Ambulance, Wellington , New Zealand
Or the American Cancer Society.


I would pick St. Jude’s or any children’s organization.

Elaine R

Elaine Ramirez

Soldiers’ Angels –

Elaine R

Sorry, the url messed up

Susan R

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

I’ve seen too many people lose hope this way.


add me too Viv, such a wonderful lady you are.
Project Smile



The charity that I would like you to donate to -if I won would bed the the Amercan cancer Soicety/Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It still is a life threatening form of cancer even though I survived it. Thank You and Happy Holidays! Janette


What a lovely, wonderful thing you’re encouraging, Viv! Thank you! If so fortunate, I’d love to support Today’s Youth Matter:
They help provide support to kids at risk and their families.

Sullivan McPig

This is such a nice giveaway.
If possible I’d like to be entered for:
Alertis (

Sullivan & Carien

Gina K.

Gina K. – Fisher House Foundation

sheri spell

Sheri S.

Joshua House –

Karin T

What a great idea! This is such a great way to really spread the joy of the season to as many people as possible. I always get more satisfaction in giving to others, especially at this time of year, than in anything I receive myself.

My chosen charity, if I win, is the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust:

Cari Quinn

This is such a wonderful opportunity! Thank you!

Cari Quinn – Humane Society

Cheryl McInnis

Awesome idea Vivian!
My charity is the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax, N.S.- a hospital that provides care for women and children all over Atlantic Canada…

My daughter spent time here, and the doctors, nurses and other caregivers are truly miracle workers.


Crystal Broyles- American Cancer Society

Brenda Hyde

This is VERY cool of you Viv. It’s so hard to pick a charity because there are so many people in need but this one has been around since WWI

The American Legion Endowment Fund


Dawn Vaeoso – I would choose Ronald McDonald house Unfortunately my family and I have had to use their services a few times over the years and they so giving and wonderful. When I was born I stayed in the hospital for 3 months and my mother was able to stay across the street to help care for me and then just 2 yrs ago my cousin was burned and we had to go to Utah burn center and they put us all up for a month. food, clothing, rides, everything you can imagine the do it. Wonderful Charity!!

Sherry S.

Here’s a couple that I like. If my name is pulled you can choose the one to give it to.
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. (
Soldiers’ Angels –


Nicole Snyder – Animal Rescue Foundation Tucson, AZ

Kirsten C.
If I won, I’d ask that you give to the Reading is Fundamental program My daughter has been a book girl since she could stare at one! I think all kids should be given the opportunity to develop a love for reading! Books are HUGE in our house! While my daughter (who was diagnosed @1 with a brain tumor and has severe developmental delays-she’s now 8) has trouble reading, she would still pick a book over a toy anyday! Her bookshelves are starting to crowd mine! LOL The girls at the bookstore know her as soon as she walks… Read more »
Kirsten C.

FYI, Apparently the computer took an eight and made it a smiley! Gotta love technology!

Leagh C

30 Mile Foundation. This is a foundation that my sister-in-law started to help support local families that have a child suffering from cancer. I think it is important for these kids to have as close to a normal childhood as possible but their families can’t always afford it because of the cost of medical treatment. This charity provides money for these families to make sure the kids get a trip they have been wanting or a Christmas they might not get otherwise.

This is a great idea and absolutely love it!!!

Linda Henderson

Children’s Miracle Network, they take care of kids.