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12 Days of Giving #9

READY FOR SOME FUN? :D Stand up straight, feet together, chin held high…

Give yourself a physical break.

Tis the season to overindulge and under exercise, but today, I’m challenging us all to do one thing different. Have one less scoop of potato salad, one less cookie, one less glass of eggnog–and can we just talk about that stuff for a minute please? It’s so horribly good. I have a total love/hate relationship with eggnog, not even considering the fact that adding rum to it is easy. When there is eggnog in our fridge, I use it to sweeten my coffee, I add it to regular milk, I put it over ice with the confessed rum addition…

Of the devil, I say!

Anyway, the challenge is to stop being mean to our bodies during the holidays. If you’ve been run off your feet all day, instead of challenging you to go for a walk, how about stretching for 15 minutes? If you’ve sat at a desk all day **whistles innocently** then get off your butt and take the dog for a walk.

And I’m sure you’ve heard all the tips on ways to get through the holidays parties and meals without overindulging. I’ve heard them all, and love hearing them, but damn if I can DO them all! Lol.

So I up my workouts this time of year, but the one thing I can do food wise–here’s my tip for you–one helping only. Yeah, I fill my plate at the family dinner, but I don’t take seconds. (I also only take the stuff I like. I’m old enough that the ‘take one spoon of everything’ rule–forget it. I’m going for the good stuff!)

What’s your one tip for surviving the overindulgence season and/or what are you going to do today to get active? One commenter will get a $10 Amazon gift certificate!

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18 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #9"

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Christine Glover
I work out as much as I can–there are a few days that I don’t get to fit in exercise, but I made a commitment to workout at least 5 days a week. I also have the “add something good for you” rule. Basically, I know I’m going to eat the cookies and the chocolate and drink the drinks, but I add more fruit, vegetables, and water so I can at least say I am eating something healthy, too. Thanks for a fun post. And I use eggnog in my mini-eggnog muffins and eggnog loaves. You can find the recipe… Read more »
Kelly Thrash

I’m trying to drink more water while I’m at work. My co workers are all supporting me in what they think is a loving way! lol :) I also plan on starting my wii workouts again! :)

kittykelly28 @

Leagh C

I agree with the drinking more water. I work at a desk by myself all day and I will eat just out of boredom alone :) I am trying to limit my proportions so I can get the taste of the treats but not overindulge. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!


My little nephew and I take walks… I do need to cut down on my junk food intake… Ahhh Wii… I should start setting time for that again.


I’m just taking the long way to do chores–if I’m doing laundry, for instance, I’ll make one trip downstairs to bring up the stuff from the dryer, a separate trip to bring down a new load, another to bring down a new load, etc. And I’ll try to play with the kids :D It’s hard to resist the goodies this season though; my weakness is those homemade cookies we occasionally get as gifts :D Mmm…


I don’t workout to lose weight. Overindulging is something I can do.I could use to add 10 or so pounds.But to stay fit,I am not one for working out. today what I did to get active,took the daycare kid out in the snow to play and went for a walk.

Sullivan McPig

Taking long walks. It’s fun (especially with the snow at the moment), it clears your head and it’s healthy.

Susan R

I am trying to be reasonable with the sweets. I usually don’t eat them, but this time of year I can tend to over-indulge.

And might I add to the egg nog topic – a friend used to bring me the best egg nog from a farm near her. I would drink some, but the rest I would throw into my ice cream machine and make ice cream – YUM! :) Plus it lasts a lot longer that way! And you can still put a scoop in your coffee. :D

Karin T

That is such great advice about sticking to one helping. I try to do that over the holidays, though I sometimes ignore it when dessert rolls around. *sigh*

However, I’m going to work on walking a bit more since volleyball is on break until after the new year. Perhaps I’ll be able to talk to my sister into taking a walk since she only lives up the street.

Sherry S.

I’m trying to quit drinking so many sodas and drink water instead. When we’re cooking I’m trying not to snack and taste test everything.

Nancy Gilliland

Today was our feast at work, but before I ate anything, I spent two hours running around like a fool, setting everything up by myself, and then afterwards I spent another hour cleaning up, so I think I worked it all off. But I did eat the healthy stuff (salad & chicken breast) instead of the macaroni salad and cake.


Well, I am going to sound boring but… I just watch what I want and trade off what for things I really want. Like desserts.. I eat those first… I mean really… You get full so fast if you eat the healthy stuff first… lol.. So.. dessert first… then of course some sleep… and naps…. and some more dessert… What… I am busying… eating desserts and napping!
Please include me! Please!

Kirsten C.
I actually starting working with a personal trainer in October and it’s been an amazing change. So this season will be a bit different for me. While I won’t really be able to splurge like usual, I’ll be able to eat xmas day dinner as normal. (I’m like you, I’m old enough to take what I like and leave the rest for someone else!) We do xmas eve @ my house, so I’m preparing the meal according to my diet. Chicken, steamed veggies, red potatoes, etc….see, not so bad! I think anybody could find something to fill up with on… Read more »
Jen B.

Don’t deny yourself, allow yourself a little bit of what you want! However, before you indulge, fill up on the healthy stuff because you won’t want to overindulge in the fun stuff.


I’ve been trying to go vegetarian to help my body, not so bad yet but it’s only been a week.


Rest and sleep are important if I want to survive the holiday season with all the stress and shopping. Luckily I don’t have to do the cooking.

Gina K.

Use a smaller plate, then you don’t fill it up as much. Most people feel like they have to fill their plate with food, so use a smaller plate.

Chelsea B.

I have no idea how not to overindulge but I’m open to suggestions LOL ;-)