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12 Days of Giving #9

It’s Wednesday, there are four more shopping days until Christmas, and if it’s not bought, wrapped and shipped already, it’s probably not getting to where it’s going on time. You have a houseful of people descending in a few days and the house needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom still. Panic setting in?

Give up trying to make things perfect.

Yeah, this is a bit of a revisit to the ‘Give yourself a break’ idea, but really. Think it through. The people who are coming to see you are coming to see you,(and your kids ;) ) and if the house is clean, but not picture perfect, are they really going to mind? Now be honest–some of us have people coming over who we could scrub for three weeks in prep for their arrival, and these peeps would still find something to complain about, re-organize or clean to a better standard.

:head desk:

So what’s the solution? Try even harder to meet a standard that you can never achieve, or take a look around and make sure your house, your menu and yourself are the way you want them?

I suppose the flip side of this challenge is to make sure our expectations of others are reasonable. Our partners can’t know the perfect gift for us if we don’t tell them. Our families don’t know how to help if we don’t ask. The whole mind-reading thing works great in stories, but not so much in real life!

If there’s one thing that would really make this season special for you, have you told anyone, or made sure you’ve arranged for it to happen? Because that’s a far more achievable perfect than meeting everyone else’s expectations.

Today’s gift to you is a your choice of one of my print books, signed if possible, or any two of my backlist ebooks. Leave a comment telling me the one place you’d go for the holidays if you could –(and which book/books you’d pick  if you win.) I’ll give out gifts to two commenters

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12 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #9"

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Place I would love to go during the holidays…. well I have not seen snow in years, so a lovely snowy holiday getaway would be fun… but that is not happening this year… My sister is taking her family on their very first cruise the week after Christmas… see what stories she has to share after!

If chosen as a winner, I would love a print copy of Under the Midnight Sun!

Sullivan McPig

I’m happy with where I’ll be: home!
Just my owner, her OtherHalf, me and all of the other animals. We’ll have lots of yummy food and lots of movies and books.

(I’d pick Under The Northern Lights (print))

Nancy Gilliland

I would love to get away just once for the holidays-a trip of a lifetime to Ireland. Scotland and Wales. Any backlist? It would have to be a print book, the one with TJ’s story in it, because I have all of your ebooks in some way, shape or form.

Cheryl McInnis

I would love to spend Christmas at Disney World…with or without my kids, lol. Actually, anywhere warm and sunny would do, as of this moment I’m freezing my butt off and not enjoying the snow at all. I’d love to win the Turner Twins books in digital :)


I would love to be in Hawaii right now. I would love a print copy of “Turn it On.”


I tend to stress on the 24th when the last minute things are not done.But I think I will take your advice and learn that not everything is gonna be perfect and just
I’ll be happy that my family will be all together for the day.

Maria Esquivel

If I could be anywhere for Christmas it would be somewhere warm and tropical. I know my boys would love somewhere there is water, sand. But asking my husband he said disneyworld, go figure.
I would love a coping of Stormy Seduction
Pacific Passion, Book 2
Silent Storm
Pacific Passion, Book 3

Jen B.

I honestly want to spend my holiday at home. A simple, quiet holiday!


I would love to take my kids to Lechworth Park in upstate New York. We went camping there a few summers ago, and it is beautiful in the summertime with all its waterfalls and canyons. Being this is the first year on our own. The rest of my family has moved to Florida this pass year. I would love to experience the park in the wintertime.

Under the Midnight Sun and Under the Northan Lights, I have been soooo wanting these in paperback!


Chelsea B.

I would love to go to Scotland– anytime! :-)
I would love to win a print copy of Turn it On!


I would love to go to Australia. My choice would be Turn It On.


That’s a hard one…I’m not sure where I would want to go. I guess anywhere that I could still be with my family.