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12 Days of Giving #8

It’s Monday, there are five more shopping days until Christmas, and if it’s not bought, wrapped and shipped by the end of today, it’s not getting to where it’s going on time. You have a houseful of people descending in a few days and the house needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom still. Panic setting in?

Give up trying to make things perfect.

Yeah, this is a bit of a revisit to the ‘Give yourself a break’ idea, but really. Think it through. The people who are coming to see you are coming to see you,(and your kids ;) ) and if the house is clean but not picture perfect, are they really going to mind? Now be honest–some of us have people coming over who we could scrub for three weeks in prep for their arrival, and these peeps would still find something to complain about, re-organize or clean to a better standard.

:head desk:

So what’s the solution? Try even harder to meet a standard that you can never achieve, or take a look around and make sure your house, your menu and yourself are the way you want them?

I suppose the flip side of this challenge is to make sure that our expectations of others are reasonable. Our partners can’t know the perfect gift for us if we don’t tell them. Our families don’t know how to help if we don’t ask. The whole mind reading thing works great in stories, but not so much in real life!

If there’s one thing that would really make this season special for you, have you told anyone, or made sure you’ve arranged for it to happen? Because that’s a far more achievable perfect than meeting everyone else’s expectations.

Today’s gift to you is a chance to read a book ahead of it’s release date. I have a few eARCs of two of my upcoming books ready: Turn It Up coming February 8, and Stormy Seduction out April 12. You get your choice of a contemporary romance or a paranormal. Leave a comment telling me the one place you’d go for the holidays if you could –(and which book you’d like to read if you win.) I’ll give out at least one copy of each book…

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15 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #8"

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I’d like to go back to MN to have a big Christmas with my extended family like we used to do when we were kids. I’d love to read Turn it Up

Lisa J

My parent’s house on Christmas Eve with all my family is where I want to be. Luckily, that is where I’ll be.

My choice of book is Turn It Up.

Sharon M

I get to stay at home each year because my husband and I play handbells at midnight mass. I like staying at home and don’t really want to go anywhere else for Christmas. However, I’d love to not have the pressure of having to declutter and clean up the whole house. That’s the worst part for me about getting ready for Christmas.

Kirsten C.

If I could skip all the crazyness of the holidays and go somewhere, I think I’d go to a nice secluded cabin. Bring all the food (and wine, cuz you just can’t forget the wine!! LOL) I’d need and shut myself indoors with all the books I’ve been dying to read but haven’t had the time! Of course I’d take my daughter with and do the xmas thing, but I’d shut us in and enjoy a little peace and quiet!


Hmmm where would I go for the holidays… a cabin surrounded by snow with a wonderful fireplace… have not seen snow in years…
book choice… hmmm… I will go with… paranormal… Stormy Seduction!

jennifer mathis

I would be at home but Hubby would be here with me and the kids :( He’s trying but at this point in time its not looking so good .
Book choice – Stormy Seduction

Sue "Mari" Paxford Laing

It’s summer here in Australia so I’m thinking a few days spent in the cool of the rainforest – camping with my honey would be nice. Turn it up would be my read-du-jour :)


I’m looking forward to some quiet time at home this year; it’s been fun to travel for the holidays, but this year it’ll be nice not to have to hassle with packing and the moving around!

Turn It Up!!

Sherry S.

I would love to spend some time in a nice quite cabin or cottage I would love it to be some place that warm (at least be able to run a round in short sleeves). It would be great to be somewhere like that with a bunch of books and my sisters and my two nieces.
Book choice – Stormy Seductions

Susan R

I would love some quiet time – either at home or somewhere warm!

My choice of book would be Stormy Seduction.


Kelly Thrash

I’m simple I’d like to stay in my messy home and have people come to me for a change! :) I want it to be relaxing for me, but I guess that would mean that I would have to cook so I guess I’ll be going! lol

I’d LOVE to read Turn It Up. I actually just finished re-reading Turn it On. :)

kittykelly28 @

Karin T

I just got back from my annual pre-Christmas trip to the East Coast to visit with a college friend in NJ and family in Virginia. I love being back home in Colorado to spend the actual holiday with the rest of my family. I can’t really think of anywhere else I’d rather be on the holiday than in Colorado.


I would love to go away for a Christmas. I’d like to go to Australia.
The book I would pick is Turn It Up


I would like a cabin in the Aspen.. surrounded by snow I can get away from and come home… I would love to be by a roaring fire… surrounded by my truly dear closet friends.

And I would love Turn It Up!
Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


I went away to Ireland oneyear for Christmas and thought I’d like it but …. I was too home sick for my family I’ll never be away at holidays again. Always with my family :). That’s what Christmas means to me.