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12 Days of Giving #7

I promise I’m not going to make too many of these challenges cost $$, but this one might.

Give a kid a gift.

If you have a local charity, you know right now is the time they are really looking for help. Angel Trees, or whatever the organization is called in your location, have the kids names and information already waiting. These are kids who won’t get a present if someone else doesn’t pick their request up. (And the older ones, while not as fun to buy for, need loving too)

But you know what? There’s also another way you can join this challenge, and it’s no cost and sneaky organization efficient, while also teaching your own kids a lesson in giving. If you’ve got a family, and there will be new ‘stuff’ coming into your house in the next couple weeks, what if you grabbed a box, and had a few ‘old’ toys (kids or otherwise) get passed onto a thrift shop?

It will make more room in the toybox (electronic/computer/kitchen shelf) and the proceeds from good thrift shops turn around by not only providing an inexpensive place to purchase things, but often the profits stay in your community.


I’ve got a special present for someone who knows a little person. It’s a T-shirt with adorable wolfies printed on the front. My daughter said it looked like Tad and Missy’s twins. Now, wolfies can’t shift until teens, but the idea is there, and they are cute.

Remember, you don’t have to DO the challenge if you can’t, this is just to make us think, right? If you’d like to have your name added for this gift, make a comment about anything holidayish. (Sorry, this one I’m keeping in the US/Canada for shipping sake)

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Kelly Thrash
Every year around this time I have my boys clean their rooms out and we give all the old toys/clothes to our local Goodwill. It helps me make room for the new junk (um I mean stuff) that’s being brought in and it will help other local families as well. :) In February Arkansas Children’s Hospital hosts a change angel event where they ask kids to collect change to donate to the hospital. My boys do this every year too. I think it is important to show my boys that there are all kinds of things we can do to… Read more »

Throughout the year, we pick up little toys to donate to kids at Christmas time… sometimes we end up with quite abit… :D
I can not wait to see my little nephew’s face on Christmas with all of his presents! I want to see him tear into the wrapping paper…

Karin T

This is such a good reminder. I always do a gift from a gift tree every year and look forward to getting something for a child who wouldn’t necessarily get anything otherwise. It’s such a nice feeling to be able to spread that kind of thing around. I plan to do a little bit of the donating older gifts to thrift shops as well, which we usually do year-round at my house.


We usually pick a friend who is having a hard time and buy presents for their kids. That way they will have more gifts for Christmas.


We just donated a bunch of new toys to the local police department for them to distribute this season; we are so blessed to have so much, it’s a pleasure to be able to share!

Lisa J

We collected for Toys for Tots at work. I buy things throughout the year just for this toy drive.

We took all the toys to a local drop off spot on Tuesday and the Marines manning the drop off point were so happy to receive the toys it made my day. We decided everyone who wants a pick me up should make a small toy delivery for the “thank yous” and smiles they will receive.

Kirsten C.
We do a variety of things year round, but especially at Christmas! This past weekend we did a lunch with Santa. The kids bring in a handful of change and get to eat free, see Santa (w/photo opp) and do holiday activities. It was a blast! It was so much fun to watch these little ones dumping their change into Santa’s jar. Quite a few of them had raided their own piggy banks to contribute! My parents also like to give to 1 boy and 1 girl each year. This year they asked my daughter to go with and pick… Read more »
Nancy Gilliland

We (the boys and I) collected toys all year to donate to the local children’s home, and we will take them down there on Wednesday. My grandsons made gift cards for each child at the home, and my daughter baked cookies (twelve dozen assorted) to take. This is a place not far from my house, and we try to do this every year.

Susan R
I did an Angel Box for a friend’s grandson this year – he needed some extra love. Usually my daughter and I donate a bag or two of gifts to the local hospital for the kids who are stuck in the hospital over the holidays. This all started the year she turned 6 and got upset when everyone gave her bratz dolls for her birthday (she is not a girly-girl at all). We decided to save all the things she got that she didn’t want and then donate them at christmas, instead of exchanging them for something else. We have… Read more »

My hubby and I adopt at least 5local families n our area and do a secret Santa for them. Last year was a good year n we did 20 but this year we were back to 5 :( hopefully next year we can do more again. Always makes Christmas feels more special to give to others.