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12 Days of Giving #5

Upping the ante. This one is going to cost you- a little. Ready for the challenge?

Give to the food bank.

Over the holidays we usually have special dinners to prepare or attend. Even when money is tight, we try to have things that make the season special to the family. For years, the only time I bought Gherkin pickles was at Christmas. That $1 jar of tiny sweet pickles always signaled the start of a special special occasion to my daughter.

When you’re shopping this week, pick up one extra can of…something, and drop it into the food bank donation bin before you leave the store.

For every person who adds a comment today, I’ll purchase an item for someone where I’m staying—somewhere in Ecuador. You’ve got until midnight to add a comment. Let me know what special food treat your family enjoys over the holidays. (And if I’m stuck without internet today? I’ll let it rooooolllll!)

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11 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #5"

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Sullivan McPig

I donated a pack of rice to our local food bank some weeks ago, around Sinterklaas. It really saddens me that we need a food bank in this country.

Maria Esquivel

We usually start with tamales, or we make menudo, and make sweet fritters that are called, buñuelos, hot punch this is made of blends of seasonal fruits and a shot of wine or spirits, served with a cinnamon stick.


We have a bag ready to go to the food bank… just have to drop it off.
Special food treat… everyone but me enjoys either shrimp or a lobster tail…not my cup of tea though… my fav thing is pumpkin pie! :D


I like the sugar and shortbread cookies at this time.

Chelsea B.

We are all about the dressing :-)


Great reminder about the food bank. I love it when the grocery store has bags of already pre-packed canned goods for the food bank and you can just buy one of them along with your grocery order.


I gave some Kraft dinner and some canned lunches the other day to the food bank bin at out local store.

A special treat is Cranberry Cheesecake bars..yum.

Nancy Gilliland

We’re doing a food drive at work-I took in mac & cheese dinners, green beans, peas, corn, pasta and pasta sauce and some rice dinners. No one should have to do without food. I like all the home baked goodies this time of year!

Cheryl McInnis

I make oodles and oodles of candy cane bark at Christmas. We give it to coworkers as gifts, the kids bring it to school to share, we eat about 10 lbs of it each, lol. I only make it at Christmas though ’cause it’s quite an expensive treat!


I’m too late but that’s ok. :) My son’s school just did a big canned food drive and my lil man wanted to bring as many cans as he could everyday. I love seeing him want to help others. He also always wants to put money in the bell ringers buckets at Walmart. :)


Jen B.

I know I missed the cutoff but I am trying to get caught up on my posting. My family loves Yorkshire Pudding for the holidays. Did you say Ecuador? How cool!