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12 Days of Giving- #4

Uping the ante today. This one is going to cost you- a little. Ready for the challenge?

Give to the food bank.

Over the holidays we usually have special dinners to prepare or attend. Even when money is tight, we try to have things that make the season special to the family. For years, the only time I bought Gherkin pickles was at Christmas. That $1 jar of tiny sweet pickles always signaled the start of a special special occasion to my daughter.

When you’re shopping this week, pick up one extra can of…something, and drop it into the food bank donation bin before you leave the store.

For every person who adds a comment today, I’ll purchase an item for the local food bank where I’m staying. You’ve got until midnight to add a comment. Let me know what special food treat your family enjoys over the holidays?

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11 Comments on "12 Days of Giving- #4"

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Sullivan McPig

Bundt Cake!
We make it every Christmas.

Cheryl McInnis

Blueberry Grunt for New Year’s Eve, because by then, we are all tired of pumpkin pie, lol!

Sherry S.

One thing that my Mom makes for me every year is a homemade Chess Pie because she knows we all love them.


We do a special coffee cake :) yumm I gave a food gift card to my local bank plus we do a food drive n my neighborhood next week :) great idea!

sheri spell

My mom makes her homemade Lasanga on Christmas Eve. Its one of my favorite treats, it takes her so long she only rarely makes it for us.


Gotta have my grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie… it is a family tradition that will continue… yum yum!


Our special giveaway treat this year is Chocolate Toffee Bark–it’s super easy and yummy :) And thanks for the food bank reminder–just picked up some extra cans for sharing!

Jen B.

I like Sparkling Apple Cider. I forgot to give my food bank donation this year. Thanks for the reminder.

Kelly Thrash

My mom makes nut lace cookies and they are sooooo good! :)

Lisa J

Every Christmas Eve my dad makes us seafood soup nd then we all open out presents.