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12 Days of Giving #4

Ready for a challenge? This one is EASY. Give someone a smile.

And no, not one of these…They say if you smile when you answer the phone, people can hear it in your voice. I know when I’m smiling it makes me feel better. And as we rush around shopping, cooking, working, it’s sometimes difficult to remember what’s going on our face can be intimidating to others.

Giving another person a smile is usually contagious and they’ll give you one right back. Or, they will wonder what you’ve been up to. Win win situation, I say! ;)

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12 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #4"

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Sullivan McPig

I’ll do my best and try to smile at some customers I will have to call today.

Cheryl McInnis

I finally have a day off work and have to finish my Christmas shopping. I will try my hardest to give all the store clerks a big smile today, even if I have to wait forever in a line for the cash register, lol. I’m sure those poor clerks could use some friendliness this time of year!

Nancy Gilliland

I’m at work, but I will do my best to remember to add an extra smile to my greetings-no matter how the customers are acting!

Maria Esquivel

I will do that. And remember they are working this time of year when people can be at their worst. It happen to me yesterday, the clerk was in a bad mood. I smiled and said something but it worked, she was more than helpful even called the company’s customer service directly. That was awesome.


A smile is a wonderful thing and I try to remember to do so often… :D :D :D


Smiles are contagious. I try to smile at others when I am out shopping.


It’s true about hearing a smile through the phone. I work in a call center and I can always tell when the person I am talking to is smiling or not.


I’ll give a smile or two tonight.


I live in a small town.I’m always smiling and saying hi to people as we walk by each other.


This is so true. I can always tell when the person at the other end of the phone is not in a good mood and conversely, when they are smiling.


I absolutely love the hospital I work at now. They are so friendly and smile at everyone. Walking through the hallways is always a nice experience because everyone is so friendly.


Jen B.

I am a glass is half full kind of girl so sharing a smile is easy!