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12 Days of Giving- #3

Ready for a challenge? This one is EASY. Give someone a smile.

If you want the hero level challenge, make that 5 deliberate smiles. I swear as we’ve spent a lot of time in the car these days, I see SO many people with frowns on their faces. Deep in thought? Concentrating? Probably, but we leave the car and take that expression with us.

You’ve all seen that button- If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. Yeah? DO IT. :D

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17 Comments on "12 Days of Giving- #3"

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Lisa J

That’s an easy one! We do a lot of smiling here in Minnesota, maybe it’s because it’s so cold our mouths have frozen that way.


This is an easy one, but thanks for the reminder, Viv! It’s amazing what a difference smiling can make, whether you’re at home with the kids or out running errands… it really can start to make a stranger into a friend :)

sheri spell

I work around grumpy patients all day. Let me tell you we smile at them and for a good part of the grumps they smile back and it puts them in a bit of a better mood. Hopefully whoever encounters them next gets to benefit too.


That is an easy one for me… The moment I see my little nephew I smile, and whenever I am out I smile at the store clerks or restaurant workers… :D

jennifer mathis

i like to smile and laugh so that was easy I told jokes all morning lol fun for all

Sherry S.

After working in a grocery store for over 10 years a smile is just automatic for me. When I was working third shift in a store once some ladies that worked nights at a local factory would come in and they got to calling me smiley because when they would walk up I would always smile at them.

Kelly Thrash

I work in a call center for a hospital supply company. Everytime I answer the phone I smile. SOmetimes I can tell that it makes a difference to the person on the other end. People can tell (even on the phone) when you are smiling! :)

kittykelly28 @


I try to smile all the time. I work with a bunch of grumpy engineers, and lately, they have needed LOTS and LOTS of smiles!!

Cheryl McInnis

I just slipped a chocolate donut into each of my kids’ lunch boxes, so tomorrow at school, I know that there will be at least two big smiles…okay, I might have snuck one into my lunch bag as well, so make that three smiles ;-)


Ooh, AWESOME idea, Cheryl! :D Who can’t be cheered by a chocolate donut? ;)

Sullivan McPig

Oh, very easy challenge! Although it’s raining today, so will have to try not to frown at the rain ;-)


I’m a big fan of smiles and this is no prob :) but I gave one away to this lady n line and she yelled at me :( the I explained it was to b nice n she yelled at me again. Lol but I kept it up!


That is too easy – I give tons of smiles to people every day :D In fact I even manage to get some back after doing it to the same person often enough :D

Nancy Gilliland

In my job, a smile is one way to encourage those people I help every day, and some really need that little bit of friendliness. Even when some man is ranting, I try to smile and get him the help he’s there for. I had a lady tell me recenntly that she felt better after seeing a few smiles aimed her way at our office.

Kris M.

Fun! I like this challenge :) I make a point to keep smiling, sometimes it is the only way to get through the day. My students say they like that i smile so much.