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12 Days of Giving 2015: #5

Upping the ante. This one is going to cost you- a little. Ready for the challenge?

Give to the food bank.

Over the holidays we usually have special dinners to prepare or attend. Even when money is tight, we try to have things that make the season special to the family. For years, the only time I bought Gherkin pickles was at Christmas. That $1 jar of tiny sweet pickles always signaled the start of the season to my daughter.

When you’re shopping this week, pick up one extra can of…something, and drop it into the food bank donation bin before you leave the store.

For every person who adds a comment to this thread, I’ll purchase an item for our local food bank. I also have the pick of my backlist in ebook for one commentor. Let me know what special food treat your family enjoys over the holidays.

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33 Comments on "12 Days of Giving 2015: #5"

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Colleen C.

Special treat… it has become a tradition that my dad and sister enjoy a lobster tail on Christmas… for me, my fav treat is my grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie! :)

I’ll purchase an item for our local food bank.


During the holidays we always like to have a couple of non traditional desserts besides the pumpkin and apples pies like cheesecake, lava cake and lemon cookies.

Beverly Ross

I work at a grocery chain I always donate one thing each payday for thanksgiving and Christmas!

Faye Gates

I’m proud of you. Give something good.


Our family has French roots and we always have tortiere (meat pie) for breakfast on Christmas morning with mimosas. It’s the only time we eat it so it’s as traditional for us as turkey dinner is ;)


You asked about places to donate. Well there are many kids with cancer. Loma Linda Children’s Hospital is a great hospital that has many children struggling with all kinds of cancer. There are many other Children’s cancer hospitals too. It’s a very sad thing.

Laurel Daugherty

What a wonderful thing to do!! I participated in the food drives they had at work.

Gail D

Mom always made Chocolate Crinkle cookies. I guess I’ll make some this year as she is now an Angel. It’s kind of a sad season this year.

Jane Nelson

That is really great of you to do! Merry Christmas!!


pumpkin pie

Kelly Kujawa

Salvation Army for both food and money.


We love peanut butter fudge. Thanks

Vicky Yount

We always buy chocolate covered cheers. And dressing,ham. And I always try to help a family that in need every year.

Danielle Vanzandt

We enjoy pickled herring. It sounds odd but we only have it for the holidays and that always makes it for me. I accept your challenge! Happy Holidays!


For those that can’t afford to donate, your time would be greatly appreciated by your local food bank as well. Volunteering is very rewarding.

Jennifer Dunn

Peanut brittle is our thing. As someone who has had to go to the food bank, thank you.

Kelly Thompson

We love fruitcake made using my grandmother’s recipe. It was – and still is – the only time of year that any of us buy those plastic tubs of candied fruit!


Cheesecake is my favorite food. lol We used to put together food baskets, and deliver them when we were in the Lion’s Club. To give is really better, than to receive. God Bless you for doing the same.

Shirley Hearn

It is our tradition to donate food to the Postal Service Drive. They provide us with a bag, we put it out but the mailbox and they pick it up and deliver it. Also my family buys Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas dinners for the homeless through our local Food Bank.

Nancy Gilliland

I have been taking canned goods and Mac and cheese dinners to the donation bin at work…it all goes to help families who are not working or are underemployed, as that is the population we serve daily.

Favorite treat has been my Dream Pie, made with dream whip, cream cheese and topped with cherries. I only make it this time of year.

Emma McCoy

Pfeffernusse are a favorite in our house

Jean Torgeson White

Homemade fudge is our families special holiday treat. It is expensive to make, but it can also be given as a Christmas gift. We made and gave this away every year when I was a kid. We were very poor back then.

Jo Ann Jackson

We are always generous over the holidays and take lots of food to the ICU waiting room at the hospital we volunteer at over Christmas and New Years.

Jennifer Cowan

I’m not sure of the best item, but it’s NOT pumpkin pie filling! I volunteered about a month ago at our local food bank and you would not believe how many cans of filling we had!!! Homeless or less fortunate need “staples” (veggies, fruits, soups, peanut butter). What are they going to do with 20 cans of pie filling????

Dawn Marie Burke

I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing!! I always donate food because there but for the grace of God go I. You never know if one day you could need help.

Kimberly T

Red Velvet cake or Sweet Potato pie


Frosted sugar cookies


It might sound crazy but my “treat” is potato salad. It seems Christmas dinner is the only time my mom makes it for me . I have to have it with mustard instead of mayo and without onions…and I’m spoiled and only likes it when my mom makes it for me lol

Susan T.

We don’t have any food tradition. Just spending the day with good friends and family.