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12 Days of Giving 2015: #2

The challenge today is to Give someone else a break.

This is an easy one to do for people with small children. Watching someone else’s kids for a couple hours to allow them to have kid free time to shop can be a huge huge help. But everyone can use a little hand once in a while. When you head to the post office, are there packages you could take for a neighbor? If you live in an area that has snow on the ground, can you shovel one more section of sidewalk for someone you know?

It’s opening up our eyes to see what’s actually happening around us that’s the challenge, especially when our to-do list and shopping list seems overloaded already. One small thing can make a big difference in another person’s life.

Give it a shot–make someone’s day!

I’ve got a 1o$ iTunes/Amazon gift card for one person to take their own break after the holidays. Add any comment today to be entered to win. And make sure you’ve placed your name on the first of the 12 Days with your suggestion of charity.

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18 Comments on "12 Days of Giving 2015: #2"

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I look for one person who needs a smile and I make sure to engage them in conversation and pray I’ve made their day a little better


mow the neighbor’s lawn


Pass along some extra food you made to a friend or neighbor.

Nancy Gilliland

I make sure the coffee for the office is ready so when folks get there it is ready. I also keep treats for when folks have to bring the children in to our office, and also have toys and puzzles to help keep them occupied while mom or dad or granny finishes their business. And today, I stayed over to help a woman who came after normal hours rather than make her come back another day.

Elizabeth T.

Offer to babysit for my friends’ kids more often. :)

Linda Moffitt

I don’t have any extra money or time myself but I try to hold open doors and be polite and if someone at the store needs a buck or two for their order I can help with that

Colleen C.

I am wrapping some gifts for my mom… she hates wrapping… so I offered to help.

Jean Torgeson White

I asked a person in the stand-by line if they wanted to attend a talk show with me since it was a holiday giveaway show and my husband was not using his ticket.


Took my aunt shopping and out to eat. She doesn’t drive so she doesn’t get to do this. Might make this a monthly thing


I actually stood in a handicapped parking spot to hold it for an elderly man because a woman in a truck without a handicap tag or window decal took the spot he had been waiting on.

Susan T.

This is sort of the opposite…my daughter offered to wrap this years gifts.