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12 Days of Giving 2015: #1

Day one, and the challenge is: Give yourself a break.

Some of these challenges will be familiar if you’ve ever participated in the past, and there’s a reason for that. No, I’m not too lazy to come up with new ones, ;)

It’s that these are the things I need to be reminded of myself. Again, and again, and again!

This challenge doesn’t require any money.

As the holiday approaches we all have lists of things to do. Family dinners, shopping for presents, annual Christmas family update letters, children’s concerts, staff parties, christmas cards, white elephant gifts…

Is your blood pressure higher now than when you started reading? Sorry. The idea behind behind today’s challenge is for you think for just a moment about that to-do list. Are you doing some of these things simply out of habit? Are there things you used to do before you had babies/ toddlers/ teenagers eating you out of house and home? Are you doing them because you’re “supposed to”?

There are seasons for everything, even the fun things like Christmas cards. Give yourself permission to do the REALLY important things, and let one of the less important ones slide.

If there is one thing you could stop, what would it be? If there’s one important thing you need to start this year, what should it be?

unnamed-11Leave a comment about that if you’d like. I have three digital keychains to give away, so three winners.


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20 Comments on "12 Days of Giving 2015: #1"

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Tina Shobe

Stop eating on the run. We got into the ‘habit’ grabbing food on the run during the years my daughter played softball. She is out of high school and no longer playing softball and we’re still eating out way too much.


stop buying that many books
reading more books


Stop being over critical
Start running again!

Jo Ann Jackson

Keep up my exercise to make sure that my knee replacements stay healthy and that I continue losing weight to be healthier

Diane Blaser

Having unrealistic expectations of what the Christmas holidays should be. I need to start doing cross stitch again because it relaxes me at the end of the day.

Vicky Yount

1. Stop stressing over the bill you have to pay.
2.put everything in gods hands and just enjoy the life he gives you.


Stop my anxiety about my future and my son’s as well

Nancy Gilliland

I started working on my health a few months ago, after being in the hospital. I want to continue the path that has let me lose 45 pounds so far since September. I have to sit back and let life just happen more.

Linda Moffitt

Yeah there is definitely something I need to quit along with smoking cigarettes

Colleen C.

One thing to stop… worrying so much… one thing I should do… relax a bit more.

Jean Torgeson White

I need to keep up my walking routine no matter the weather.
I need to stop cooking for five people since there are only two of us now.


start exercising more and stop stressing about the small things