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12 Days of Giving- #2

The challenge today is to Give someone else a break.

I know, there are times while we’re out shopping for presents that we’d like to use that phrase and refer to cracking a bat over a head or two. Resist. :D (If I have to, you have to…)

I’m talking about looking around you and seeing if there’s someone you can give a hand to for an hour or two. Or even a minute. Lol- someone suggested letting another person in front of you at the checkout line up. Yeah…if they have a couple items. I’ll admit if they have a cartful I’d hesitate.

No- here’s an example of what I really mean. When my kids were little I traded a two hour babysitting time with my friend. She got to go shop sans kidlets–and face it, 2 hours kid free shopping ┬áis the equivalent of 5 hours with them along, no matter how good they are. Then the next day she returned the favour.


If you can think of one small step to take to make someone else’s day a little lighter- take it.

I’ve got a 10$ Starbucks gift card for one person to take their own break after the holidays. Add a comment today to be entered to win.

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22 Comments on "12 Days of Giving- #2"

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Heather S

I try to be nice to people and help them out as much as I can. One way I do it is by stopping and letting other drivers go. Granted I usually get a lot of frustrated people behind me, oh well.

RK Charron

(There’s no Starbucks where I live)

What an excellent idea!
I’m going to make that a new Christmas tradition.
Thank you Vivian!
Merry Christmas,

Karin T
This is another great reminder about how to make life a little more pleasant. I’ve been traveling the last few days (my usual December trip to visit friends and family who live in other states just before Christmas) and I’ve been doing my best to give people I run into during my traveling a break or a kind word. For instance, when I was picking up my rental car at the airport, there was a frustrated man being slightly rude to the lady trying to help him at the counter. I felt bad for both of them, especially after he… Read more »

I got my own little break today… I watch my nephew for my sister every weekday, but my mother took him out today… I have a few hours free time!
It is nice when people do little things to help others… I always hold doors open for others… I even had a woman come up to me to read something for her because she could not make it out…

Vivian Arend

Whee! Being the recipient of a break is sweet! Enjoy it.

Lissa Matthews
Don’t enter me. I just wanted to stop by and say what you’re doing on the blog is awesome. I do the letting people go ahead of me in line all the time, all year. When I lived in Florida, my friends and I, we’d do the swapping of kids to make days easier, weeks easier. Heck, even showing up at each others houses to steal one another out of the house for a girl’s night, to take a break was wonderful and helpful in doing something to alleviate stress. We’d do cooking for each other when one was sick… Read more »
Lisa J

When I go to the grocery store or Sam’s Club and buy a larger size than I might need, I share with my aunt. She lives in a small apartment by herself and doesn’t buy herself little extras, so I do. Last night I dropped off two huge muffins for her to enjoy or share with one of her friends. Last week I brought her some clementines. She always tries to pay me, but I keep telling her it would just go to waste at my house if I didn’t share with her.


My brother is the primary caregiver of my elderly parents so I like to give him a break every weekend to go out for a while and while he is gone I do housework and chores that he hates to do.


I’ve had friends’ kids over for playdates which is a break for us both, really! And vice versa! When you’re a mom, nothing says break like a couple hours of kid-free time ;) (Which is NOT to say that I don’t love my children–but it’s nice to have alone time, too :D)

jennifer mathis

me and my mom take turns having to go to the store (unlesswe are going together for a shopping day )

Sherry S.

I try to help my younger sister as much as I can. She’s having a hard time financially right now so when I can I give her groceries and money. It might not be a lot but I give her what I can.

Kelly Thrash

I try to let one person infront of me while I am driving. WIth my road rage tendencies that is very hard for me but I am usually pretty good about it. I also tend to let others go infront of me at the store if they only have one item or two. :) Anytime I see someone having a problem at work I always offer to help. I’d want them to help me so I help them! :)

kittykelly28 @