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12 Days of Giving #11

Almost to the end of the challenges, but I’ve enjoyed coming up with these. It’s helped make me remember to do more than shop like a crazy lady. :)

Give a whole lot of Thanks.

When my kids were young and we were living in a rather remote location, I found a homeschooling community online. It was wonderful to have ‘adult’ conversation during the day, even though it was all written communication. The funniest thing though–I remember a lot of the ladies mentioning taking from Thanksgiving to Christmas off from formal schooling with their littlest children since the kids got lots of informal school writing Christmas cards, doing math during baking, etc.

I thought this was the most extraordinary thing. Take off from mid-october to Dec 25? Crazy! Then I realized they were taking about US Thanksgiving to December 25, which isn’t as insane as it sounds.


So I’m going to challenge you today to make a Thankful List. Fifteen things in Fifteen minutes or less. What are you thankful about this year? From the BIG picture down to the littler things. because it’s tough to be stressed over what’s happening in our lives while we’re being thankful for what’s happening in our lives.

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Lisa J
15 things I am Thankful for: 1. My Parents – Both are still happy and they are the best. 2. Brothers/Sister/Nephews/Niece – Alwsys there when I need them 3. My Pups – They are there for me everyday 4. My Job – My company laid off a third of the staff. I’m lucky to still have a job. 5. My Health – Like my family (knock on wood) I have been healthy this year. 6. Friends – I have great and supportive friends in my life 7. Home – I’m lucky to still have a house/home in this economy 8.… Read more »
Leagh C
15 things I am thankful for: 1. My family – I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them 2. My home – just the simple fact that we have a roof over our heads that we can call home when so many people don’t 3. Financial stability – we may not be rich but we have what we need 4. My 2 daughters being healthy 5. My job – there are so many people w/o them that I am thankful everyday that I can go to work and provide for my family 6. My husband –… Read more »
Only 15, Viv? ;) 1. DH–he’s amazing, and a keeper :) 2. kids, who are mostly fantastic, and will be more so once they learn to appreciate each other! 3. my TBR, which is probably more than I can read in a year… 4. a warm home, which is especially a gift this time of year 5. supportive and loving parents 6. wonderful friends, including a dear sister (my kids marvel that my sister can also be my friend–I tell them they’ll understand some day!) 7. being able to play the piano–yes, my parents were right… 8. having an abundance… Read more »
15- my mom- she always there for me not matter what n she just made it through cancer surgery! Yeah mom ! 14- my hubby- for loving me for 21 years, since I was 15 n he was 20 most young love never lasts, ours has flourished. 13- my family – for keeping me on my toes and always making it interesting 12- my friends – Never letting me down always there for me and making life an adventure 11- my home – even after loosing job I still have my home – thanks hubby 10- my kindle! – what… Read more »

Thankful for:
1. My family
2. My little nephew… the light of my life
3. My wonderful pets
4. Books
5. My local library
6. My friends
7. My computer
8. My home
9. Smiles
10. Time spent with my family
11. The little extras in life
12. My health
13. The wonderful authors that create such wonderful books!
14. My DS & Wii
15. Music for whatever mood I am in!

Karin T
Definitely a great thing to focus on while things are getting crazier. Here are my 15: 1. My family 2. My friends 3. My job 4. Having such a great boss who lets me adjust hours and leave at a moment’s notice if I need to. 5. Being able to spend time with all of my nieces and nephews on a regular basis – and have them enjoy it. 6. Being able to play volleyball as much as I do 7. Being able to travel to all the places I’ve traveled this year 8. The internet because it helps me… Read more »
Jen B.

1. God
2. Being here
3. My Family being here
4. Being healthy (mostly)
5. My friends
6. Time for myself
7. Time with my kids
8. Being able to give to others
9. Books
10. Books groups
11. Great food (that maybe should be higher on the list!)
12. My dog
13. My music
14. Movie and TV
15. Anything that can make me smile!

Boy, that was hard!

Nancy Gilliland
1. My children (all grown and reasonably independent) 2. My grandchildren (all healthy and strong boys) 2. My job-in this economy, I’m happy to have it 4. My apartment-it isn’t much, but it is warm and safe 5. My friends-they try to look out for me and help things go smoothly 6. My online friends who understand when I rant or disappear for a while. 7. My writing-that I actually made it through NaNo this year-edits coming. 8. My review career-this saved my sanity at times when I really needed the distraction 9. Books-reading makes me very happy 10. The… Read more »
Kelly Thrash
1-my sweet baby boy-sometimes he drives me nuts but I love him more than life itself!! 2-my hubby also drives me nuts but usually makes up for it! :) 3-my pets I love my kitty cat the dog eats everything including things that aren’t food. 4-Ive-I met her on the reader groups and she is my best friend!!! 5-my Kindle-enough said 6-my job 7-my car 8-my home 9-my Mom and Dad 10-the internet 11-that I can put food on the table 12-that my hubby makes most of the dinner! :) lol 13-my families health 14-the Smutketeers get a special shout… Read more »
Cheryl McInnis

Wow, I had to stop and think for a moment, but that made me realize how lucky I am.
Okay, I’m grateful for my health, my family, my friends, my dog, my job, books, free healthcare, wine, good food, cable TV, comedians, online shopping, my dishwasher, 100% dental coverage through my husband’s job, and last but not least, my wonderful husband !