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12 Days of Giving #11

Time to reach out and touch someone. The challenge today is to let someone you know you appreciate them.

Give someone a hug.

There’s no way I could make it without my friends. At this time of year I’m thinking about the people who have made a difference in my life, and the list goes on and on. Today, even if it’s a one-liner, or a one minute phone call, let at least three people know you are happy they are in your life.

And I’ve got gifts to give away. Some people I appreciate (I could list more but have to stop somewhere!) ;)

Moira Rogers, Lauren Dane, Ann Aguirre, Maya Banks









Over 2011, these authors have encouraged to write the next word, to take the next step. They’ve been supportive and demanding when needed, and I love them for it.

So my gift is to give your friends. Or you–I’ve got one book from each of these authors to giveaway. If I pull your name for –Moira Rogers– and you’ve read all her books, then you get to ask me to send your favorite to your friend.

Leave a comment to let me know who you’re going to give an extra hug today!

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10 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #11"

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Nancy Gilliland

My friend at work is still recovering from falling off hisd roof this past summer-he’s back to work, but using a cane. I’m giving him an extra hug (and a box of home made chocolate chip cookies, which counts as a hug in itself). I want him to realize how much I appreciate his help on a daily basis.


My nephew is first on my list of hugs… :D
Continued Holiday Cheer!


I am going to give my best friend an extra hug today. She is always there for me. Thanks for the great giveaway.


I’ll be giving my niece a hug and a kiss.

Sullivan McPig

My day is almost over already, but I gave a couple of co-workers a hug today as it was the last time I saw them this year.

Maria Esquivel

Yesterday my family receive tragic news no family wants to hear. So today the people I loved received my condolences along with hugs and my support.


I’m giving cyber hugs to everyone :D
And my nephew always gets my hugs.

Happy Holidays!!

Jen B.

So funny! My brother just arrived for the holiday and my mother was all worked up that we had to hug hello. We put on quite a hugging production! But, in all honesty, it was great to see him hug my kids. They both miss him so much now that he lives far away. As far as extra hugs, well, I’m a hugger so everyone in my house is fair game! The books in this giveaway are amazing! Thanks!


I hugged my hubby and told him that I was thankful he supported me in going for my new job and moving our family 11.5 hours away from home to do it. :)


Ilona F

Does giving a long distance, over the phone, hug count? I gave one to my daughter today as she was feeling a little blue over life in general (neither she nor her husband have a job and they are both strapped for cash this Christmas).