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12 Days of Giving #10

Time to reach out and touch someone. The challenge today is to let someone you know you appreciate them.

Give someone a hug.

There’s no way I could make it without my friends. At this time of year I’m thinking about the people who have made a difference in my life, and the list goes on and on. Today, even if it’s a one-liner, or a one minute phone call, let at least three people know you are happy they are in your life.

And I’ve got gifts to give away. Some people I appreciate (I could list more but have to stop somewhere!) ;)

Moira Rogers, Lauren Dane, Jess Dee, Ann Aguirre, Leah Braemel

These writers have had my back, given me encouragement, taught me how to be a better writer, kicked my butt when needed, cheered for me, cursed with me… you get the idea. They’ve been incredible friends, and I’m so thankful for each of them.

So my gift is to give your friends. Or you–I’ve got one book from each of these authors to giveaway. If I pull your name for –Moira Rogers– and you’ve read all her books, then you get to ask me to send your favorite to your friend.

Leave a comment to let me know who you’re going to give an extra hug today!

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24 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #10"

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Lisa J

My nephew. He’s a great guy who is wonderful about helping me out when I need it!


I hugged a few random people this week at While at the hospital with my mom they just looked like they needed it or they were alone.

Leagh C
My mom and step-dad. My father passed away when I was only a couple months old. My mom was only 19 at the time. She really struggled not only with loosing her husband but also with raising an infant by herself. Looking back she did an amazing job! When I was 2 yrs old she met my step-dad. He stepped up to the challenge of her being a package deal and becoming an instant daddy to me. I remember asking him if I could call him dad and of course he accepted. He has been there for me for basically… Read more »
Linda Henderson

I’m going to give an extra hug to my youngest daughter. Two of her kids have been sick and now she is sick so she could use a hug today.

Sherry S.

It depends on is I work tonight who it will be. If I work it will be my good friend Stacy if I don’t it will be my neighbors so McCray he’s such a little doll and if I go and visit him he always wants to go home with me.

Amy J
My cousin Raven Rocks extra hugs for her! She’s like a daughter & a friend together as one, even thou there is a 19 year age difference between us, I married into the family before she was born. She stepped up to watch my little one so I could: go be with my sister while she has an angiogram done & my Mom has a PET scan to find out if there is cancer in more places than just her lung… which was all on the same day. She helped me soo much! She also got me reading and shares… Read more »
Kate R

We hug a lot around here, so I’m sending today’s extra special hug to you. Merry Christmas!


Hugs are great!!! I give my little nephew plenty of them and get some wonderful ones in return!


My husband–I’m trying especially hard to remember that he’s a keeper, even though we’re annoyed with each other right now (and yes, he’s probably right, which is what makes it harder ;))


I’m not a huggy person at all so very rarely actually give hugs ;) but today I’ll give my partner one. He’s struggling very hard to decide what to buy me for christmas and getting quite uptight so think a hug will help :)

Jen B.

I actually already reached out and “hugged” someone today. I told my mom how much I appreciate her. And then I headed to my daughter’s school and gave out gifts to the teachers. Nothing hokey, I gave leather gloves with coordinating scarves and really nice lotion!

Sullivan McPig

It’s almost midnight here, so will have to save some hugs for tomorrow, but gave my mother a phone hug today.


I’m not a big hugger. But I did hug the little girl in my daycare. Today was her last day here until after Christmas. I gave her a hug good bye and wished her a Merry Christmas.And I got a bear hug back with a little whisper of a thanks for her Christmas gifts.

Jess Dee

I’m happy you’re in my life, babe.


I gave my grandma an extra hug. She’s awesome!


Well, there are a few people I would want to hug… First is my grandmother (she passed away a few years ago). Next is my daughter… who went from 2 to 17 in a matter of no time at all. Then to all my internet friends that I pray to God that one day I get to meet all of them….
Thanks for this giveaway!

Kelly Thrash

I’d give Ive a big giant bear hug if she wasn’t in another state. I met Ive through these chat groups and thanks to her I get to meet her at RT next year. I am so excited and I can’t wait! :) We have become best friends very fast she means a lot to me!


Kris M.

My hubby, he is having a stressful time at work right now. Also my best friend who recently moved far away from family and friends as her husband got a new job out of state.

Karin T

My mom. I actually just got back from taking her to see The Nutcracker ballet for her Christmas gift. We had a great time together and have decided to make it an annual tradition for us. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am without her there to always support me and push me to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

Kirsten C.

Most of my life I’ve had best friends that were guys. In the last few years I’ve finally branched out (LOL) and gained my girls! We are a tight group and rarely go a few days without a text, FB or call! I’m giving them my shout out today! They’ve made me realize that a girls just gotta have her girls! :0) I was definately lost without them!


I gave the hubs an extra hug today. The stress of Holiday travel, remodeling our bathroom, and family staying at the house while we’re gone is starting to take it’s toll on him now too.

sheri spell

this is a good one, everyone needs hugs. I gave my niece and nephews and my sisters mother and father in-laws hugs. Plus my brother-in-law’s step-brother was in town and he is a big hugger too.

Nancy Gilliland

Hugged a few friends this week-one in particular needed it as she just lost her mother early this week. I sat with her and let her just talk and rant and vent, and since it hasn’t been that long for me, I knew exactly what she was feeling.

Chelsea B.

My poor baby brother who is sick :-( Shouldn’t be able to get sick on Christmas!