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12 Days of Giving #1

Day one, and the challenge is: Give yourself a break.

Some of these challenges will be familiar if you participated last year, and there’s a reason for that. No, I’m not too lazy to come up with new ones, ;) It’s that these are the things I remind myself of every year, and when I start talking with people as we travel, it seems they are the things that others need to be reminded of as well.

This challenge doesn’t require any money. As the holiday approaches we all have lists of things to do. Family dinners, shopping for presents, annual Christmas family update letters, children’s concerts, staff parties, white elephant gifts…

Is your blood pressure higher now than when you started reading? Sorry. The idea behind behind today’s challenge is for you think for just a moment about that to-do list. Are you doing some of these things simply out of habit? Are there things you used to do before you had babies/ toddlers/ teenagers eating you out of house and home?

There are seasons for everything, even the fun things like Christmas cards. Give yourself permission to do the REALLY important things, and let one of the less important ones slide.

If there is one thing you could stop, even for this year, what would it be? You can leave a comment about that if you’d like.

Make sure you’ve added your name to the first post for a chance to have  me Gift your choice of Charity. Tomorrow I’ll have a chance for you to win a gift as well as another challenge.

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11 Comments on "12 Days of Giving #1"

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Sullivan McPig

I don’t think there’s anything I have to do that I don’t want to do.
We always have a relaxed Christmas without any family obligations.


Sometimes traditions in different countries make a difference as well. Glad yours is nice and relaxing!

Sullivan McPig

It’s not so much tradition as that we decided to give up on the whole visit your family stuff a couple of years ago. Family Christmasses are too stressful for me to enjoy.

Maria E.

When I was single and younger . I loved this time of year, parties and gift giving. But now with kids, I just need to relax and enjoy my time with my children and the two long weeks for vacation coming up. I learned it’s not so much giving gifts for my family but making memories with them along with my own family. Time is too short and that’s what I take with every holiday that comes my way.


I try to plan things out and if I do not get to them, I am not going to let it bug me… I am just looking forward to seeing my family’s faces on Christmas day and having a great time together.


I don’t think there is anything.Usually its getting the gifts that stress me out.But this year I got it all done early.Everything else I love to do.

Nancy Gilliland

I used to spend weeks baking and cooking, getting ready for the holidays. I didn’t mind doing it, but as my kids got old enough to be on their own, I decided they could either help with some of it or just do without. I’m much less stressed out about the holidays now that they are taking part of the load.


Coming up with gifts to get people is stressful because there’s always the constant thoughts about whether they will like it or not. Thankfully I finished Christmas shopping yesterday.

Jen B.

I can’t think of anything left on my to do list that isn’t necessary or fun. I have been paring back for a couple of years. I still keep a written list of all of the things I would like to do but that is just to get all of the junk out of my head! I have way too many voices up there as it is!

Cheryl McInnis

I definitely have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the season. It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed if you let yourself! I think part of it is that we start seeing Christmas commercials and decorations come out earlier and earlier every year…I would like to see that stopped, I don’t believe in doing any Christmas decorating at my house until at least December 1!


I would like to stay as far away from my MIL as possible. I believe I will have my way this year too!! :) Yeah for moving to Texas!!